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Virtue in Action Activity

  • I can define the virtue of responsibility. They will create examples that demonstrate how to responsibly care for themselves and for their fellow citizens/others in civil society.
Directions: Return to your definition of responsibility. Answer the following questions, which relate to your previous definition. Then fill out the organizer.

Reflection Questions

  • Did Clara Barton’s actions throughout her life demonstrate responsibility as you defined it? Explain.






  • Would you change anything about your definition after learning about Clara Barton? Explain.






  • Identify two or three situations in your life, big or small, in which you could demonstrate responsibility to yourself. What challenges might you face in acting responsibly? How could you overcome them? How would this action affect others? An example has been provided for you.
Action or Behavior Challenge How to overcome the challenge How it benefits the greater good
Making sure I put my water bottle in the recycling –  not always a recycling bin available

–   easier to just throw away

–  commit to putting empty bottle in my bag until I have a recycling bin nearby –  small actions add up to reduce litter and increase sustainability


  1. Would following the plan you mapped out above meet your definition of responsibility? Explain.






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