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American Portraits in Civic Virtue Graphic Organizer

American Portraits in Civic Virtue Graphic Organizer

Guiding Questions: What civic virtues do Americans value? How does the practice of civic virtues promote a healthy civil society?

  • I can explain historical examples of individuals who exhibited Civic Virtues through their words and actions.

Directions: Fill in the graphic organizer below as you read about the historical examples of Civic Virtues. James Madison has been completed for you as an example.

Person Explanation of the Actions That Demonstrated Civic Virtues This Shows the Civic Virtue(s) of… Because…
1. James Madison Changed his mind on having a Bill of Rights moderation and prudence He was able to think about another point of view and ultimately adopt it.
2. Elizabeth Eckford
3. Dwight D. Eisenhower
4. Jackie Robinson
5. John Quincy Adams
6. Harriet Tubman
7. George C. Marshall
8. Ida B. Wells
9. Ulysses S. Grant
10. Harry Truman and Arthur Vandenberg
11. George Washington
12. Charles Chibitty
13. Abraham Lincoln


Concluding Analysis

  1. Which civic virtues appeared most often in these historical examples? Why do you think that is?
  2. Do you think some virtues are more important than others? Explain
  3. Which civic virtues do you think you exhibit in your own life? Explain
  4. Which virtue(s) would you like to work harder at incorporating into your life?

Additional Activities