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Ambition Action Plan Organizer

Ambition Action Plan Organizer


  • I can make a plan to use my talents to serve the greater good. 
  • I can reflect on how to avoid or overcome hubris when considering my talents and ambitions and how they may serve others.


Complete the following Ambition Action Plan Organizer and reflection questions to think reflectively and create an actionable plan to practice self-sacrificing ambition that serves a greater purpose. 

Start Here.

Describe yourself in 1-3 sentences.

Next, fill in this chart:

Briefly describe three of your goals. Brainstorm a list of things you do well. Describe the best way(s) to motivate yourself.

Now that you considered your goals and strengths, brainstorm how you can use your talents and ambitions to serve others:  

What can I do How it might serve others
Ex. Play the piano Music generally lifts people’s spirits…could I find a place to play music once a month? Nursing home? Senior center?

Star the option in the table above that seems the most feasible or realistic.  

Create an action plan with 3-5 steps that achieves your starred option to assist your noble ambition to help other people. For example, the first step in the example might be to look up senior centers or nursing homes close to where you live.  


Finally, remember the dangers of hubris: excessive pride, vanity, and arrogance. Consider how hubris could interfere with your plan. How could this be avoided or overcome?