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Additional Reading Strategies

Talk Read Talk Write 

Talk, read, Talk, Write (TRTW) is an engaging classroom strategy to help students access content. Students generally read an academic text with structured opportunities to talk and write about content and their understanding of it. Below are the four parts of this strategy

Talk #1
Students engage in a short (2-5 minutes) conversation with other students and the teacher to engage in the topic of the reading, build context, and define purpose. 

Students read the text, which provides the information students need to meet the content goal of the lesson. 

Talk #2
A dialogue is created among students to process what they read and prepare for the following writing section. 

Students write about the reading to deepen their understanding of the content. 

Jigsaw Reading

Jigsaw is an organization technique that breaks up longer texts into smaller chunks (1-2 paragraphs), and students work together in groups to become experts. Each student then moves into a new group, where every member is an expert on a different part of the text.

Teacher Read-Aloud and Modeling

Reading is a skill that takes time and energy to develop. No matter the subject, all teachers are reading teachers. It is important to teach and model the process. As an example of modeling, as a teacher reads a text aloud, they may stop on any unfamiliar vocabulary to define the words. Additionally, teachers may read a complex sentence, stop, acknowledge the complexity, and re-read it for more clarity. These examples help students identify the skills of a strong reader.