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Activity: Mind Map of Hubris

  1. Assign students to groups of 4 or 5. Have them take out a sheet of paper and draw a mind map with hubris at the center of the diagram. Then, students should explain draw lines to four to six vices that result from hubris and a brief explanation of why.
  2. Then, ask the students in their groups to list an important real person or fictional character for each of the vices they tied to hubris.
  3. Ask the students to share their reasoning about why a vice might result from hubris, which person/character they chose to represent the vice, and why? Ask:
    How did hubris lead to the downfall of the person/character?
  4. As a large group, ask the students the central question and briefly discuss:
    Can a hero sometimes fall because of a character flaw related to pride? Explain.