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Accessibility Assistance for Life Without The Bill Of Rights

This is a supplement to the game Life Without The Bill Of Rights. It contains audio description of on screen action in cases were there is no accompanying audio.

Below is what happens on screen when a right is removed.


  • Religious symbols are removed from buildings, the apparel of some characters becomes uniform. Music stops playing.


  • Protesters disappear. A press photographer disappears. A poster conveying a social cause is removed from a window.


  • A press photographer disappears. The news blimp text changes to “Senator Smith Buys Yacht for Orphans.”


  • A group of people on the streat are arrested and taken away by Federal Marshals.

Private property

  • Federal marshals seize a car on the street. They add a sign on the car that says “Appropriated by Government,” and fly off with it.
  • A sign with the words “Acme Inc.” on a building is replaced by a sign with the words “Business Now Government Operated.”

Search and Seizure

  • A soldier grasps a citizen, turns him upside-down. Coins fall from his pockets.

Quartering of Troops

  • A truck carrying soldiers arrives at the apartment. Soldiers enter the apartment. Inhabitants of the apartment disperse. The news blimp says; Mandatory Protocol: Accommodate Soldiers

Speedy Trial

  • A person in current day clothing is seen in prison. He has a long beard.
  • A story on the news blimp says “Trial Date Unclear For Suspect.