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“The Declaration … thus frittered away:” ​Completing the story of Dred Scott​ | BRIdge from the Past

How can images in a newspaper give a more complete story of behind a landmark Supreme Court case? In this episode of BRIdge from the Past, Mary explores pictures of Dred Scott’s family in Frank Leslie’s Illustrated Newspaper, v. IV, no. 82, from June 27, 1857​. Pictured in the newspaper were Scott’s wife, Harriet, and their children, Eliza and Lizzie. How do these images allow us to understand the historic Dred Scott case on a personal level? What additional questions about the subjects might these images raise?

BRIdge from the Past: Art Across U.S. History is a YouTube series for students that explores an important historic image every episode to gain insights into the culture, politics, and society of a particular time in U.S. history. Host Mary Patterson will explain how each primary source is its own "window to the past," revealing new areas for contemplation and discussion.

BRIdge Dred Scott Family Images Handout: