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Should Social Media Companies Have the Power to Remove Content From Their Platforms?

84.8% yes
15.2% no

In 2021, Texas and Florida passed laws that restrict social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter from removing content from their platform. Opponents of the law sued, arguing that the law violated the First Amendment rights of social media companies. The Supreme Court has recently agreed to hear the case, and will now answer the question: Should Social Media Companies Have the Power to Remove Content From Their Platforms? 

Those who argue that social media companies should have the power to remove content argue that state governments preventing them from doing so violates the First Amendment. They contend that it amounts to compelled speech to prevent companies from removing content from their own platform. They may argue that while social media platforms have a lot of power over what information people view, the solution isn’t to give the government greater regulating power. This side may also claim that fake information poses a big danger to our society, and that social media companies need to have the ability to remove such content from their platforms.  

Those who argue that social media companies should not have the power to remove content from their platforms argue that these companies hold immense power over the information that we view in our daily lives. They claim that these companies are able to remove posts that promote political ideologies with which they disagree, and to also make posts more visible that align with their beliefs. This side argues this amount of power is dangerous in a society where people get so much information from the internet, and that the best way to ensure that companies don’t abuse their power is to have state and the federal governments regulate platforms. They may also argue that while people post false things online, the best way to combat such content isn’t to suppress it, but rather to allow people to discuss it to find truth. 

So, what do you think? Should Social Media Companies Have the Power to Remove Content From Their Platforms? Students can answer Yes, they should; No, they should not; or a nuanced answer in between! Be sure to submit your answers by November 16 to have your answer considered for this week’s contest. 

Note: Ideal Think the Vote responses include the following:      

  • Address the question asked in a thoughtful and meaningful manner     
  • Use cited facts and constitutional arguments when appropriate to support their answers      
  • Are expressed in cohesive sentences and are free of distracting spelling, punctuation, and grammatical errors      
  • They address counterarguments and opposing concerns in a respectful manner      
  • They organize their answer in a manner that flows logically and reads clearly   


For this question, BRI will be giving away two $25 gift cards, one to each person providing the best defense of each side of the debate. Both students will also win BRI swag. Each student winner will also be entered for a chance to win a grand prize of a $1,000 cash scholarship. Additionally, the referring teachers for both students will each win a $25 gift card and BRI swag. 

This question will run from 11/2/23 to 11/16/23, so be sure to submit your answers in time to be considered for our prizes! 

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