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Teacher Badging

The Bill of Rights Institute is proud to invite you to an engaging opportunity designed to deepen your subject area knowledge, help you earn additional PD hours, and create connections with our national community of educators. BRI's new digital badging allows educators to earn transferable professional development credentials while engaging with a national community of learners.

About BRI's Digital Badges

Digital Badge participants will complete a variety of assignments through our online platform, designed to enhance their civic understanding and skills in designing educational experiences to support self-governance. Following the completion of the modules and assignments, participants will be awarded a digital credential as proof of their achievement. Educators can then take their certificate to their school or district for an award of PD hours, share it on social media channels and personal websites.

Badge Awards

Badges are awarded following completion of all learning modules and the Demonstration of Mastery Module. Badges are delivered via Accredible following verification of mastery. Accredible is a leading digital credential platform for recognizing and showcasing verified skills and achievements. Badges will be awarded within two weeks of course completion.

Time Commitment

Participants can expect to spend between 10 and 20 hours to complete the six modules and the mastery activity

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We are currently offering badges on a variety of pedagogical and historical topics. Explore them all.

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