Institute Summer Programs for Teachers and Students

Did you have a teacher who impacted your passion for history? A teacher who had significant influence on your high school experience?

Influential teachers understand that inspiring students requires a strong foundation in their subject area.  This summer we hosted 26 dedicated educators, like Megan Chapman from Midland, TX, who strive to deepen their understanding of the Founding era to expand their knowledge of the interdependence of civil and economic liberty. Following the program, Megan told us she acquired “a deeper understanding of the Constitution, civil liberty, and economic liberty.”

Megan recommended her student Ruddy Tchao, to our Constitutional Academy. Ruddy joined 56 other top high school students at the Academy, our program focused on engaging future leaders, instilling in them an appreciation of the principles undergirding a free society, and encouraging them to develop an active, lifelong commitment to advancing liberty. Following the Constitutional Academy, Ruddy said one of his key takeaways from the Academy was,  “The three biggest threats facing individual liberty include: Congress overstepping its jurisdiction, executive order, an uneducated citizenry.”

Donate today and help us inspire more teachers and students – like Megan and Ruddy – with the words of our Founders so they are prepared to protect our Constitution against the growing role of government.