“Are They Watching You” Online Activity – Teacher Answer Key

The constitutional principles behind the Fourth Amendment include individual liberty and due process. The principle of liberty means that, except where authorized by the people through the Constitution, the government does not have the authority to limit freedom. The principle of Due Process means that the government must interact with all citizens according to the tenets of the law, applying these rules equally.

It is important to note that the Fourth Amendment limits the action of government only. Searches conducted by individuals or private organizations do not violate the Fourth Amendment. Regardless, it is important for all citizens to know when and how their actions are being observed and/or recorded in all situations, and what might be done with any data or records that exist. For these reasons, Answer Key responses should be used as a starting point for discussion.


Scene 1


Credit Card No Fourth Amendment Violation
Laptop No Fourth Amendment Violation
Library Books Accept Reasoned Answers
Trash Search Probably no Fourth Amendment Violation
Video Game Console Accept Reasoned Answers

Scene 2


Uniformed Traffic Officer No Fourth Amendment Violation
Pay-by-Phone Parking Accept Reasoned Answers
Subway Camera/VIPR Searches Accept Reasoned Answers
Drone Accept Reasoned Answers
Red Light Camera Accept Reasoned Answers

Scene 3

Store Interior

Camera Monitors No Fourth Amendment Violation
Camera No Fourth Amendment Violation
Anti-Shoplifting Gate No Fourth Amendment Violation
Off-Duty Officer No Fourth Amendment Violation

Scene 4

Stadium Entry

Bag Search Accept Reasoned Answers
Pat-Down Accept Reasoned Answers
Metal Detector Accept Reasoned Answers
Drug-Sniffing Dog Accept Reasoned Answers

Scene 5

At the Stadium

Media Helicopter No Fourth Amendment Violation
Cell Phone Accept Reasoned Answers
End-Zone Camera No Fourth Amendment Violation
Non-Uniformed Officer Checking ID Probably no Fourth Amendment Violation


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