The enumerated powers of Congress in Article I, Section 8; the powers denied to Congress in Article I, Section 9; the powers denied to states in Article I, Section 10; and  Tenth Amendment which protects the powers not given to the national government as reserved to the states and the people, are key to the principle of Federalism.

Top Stories

Colorado Residents are First to Ask Feds to Block Legal Pot
Date: 02/19/15
Source: ABC News

Alabama Judge Defies Gay Marriage Law
Date: 02/08/15
Source: The New York Times

State Science Exams For 3 Grades Axed in Spring Testing
Date: 02/05/15
Source: The Chicago Tribune

FCC Expected to Propose Regulating Internet as a Utility
Date: 02/02/15
Source: The Boston Globe

Bill Aims to Prohibit State Enforcement of Federal Gun Laws
Date: 01/26/15
Source: Montana Public Radio

Federal Judge Strikes Down Alabama’s Same-sex Marriage Ban
Date: 01/23/15
Source: AL.com

Holder Limits Seized-asset Sharing Process that Split Billion with Local, State Police
Date: 01/16/15
Source: The Washington Post

Federal Judge Halts Arpaio’s Worksite Raids
Date: 01/06/15
Source: The Arizona Republic

Colorado Sued By Neighboring States Over Legal Pot
Date: 12/18/14
Source: USA Today

Colorado Vows to Defend Pot Law Against States’ Challenge
Date: 12/19/14
Source: ABC News

U.S. Board: Federal Law On High-Speed Rail Trumps State Environmental Lawsuits
Date: 12/15/14
Source: The Fresno Bee

Many States Will Be Unprepared if Court Weakens Health Law
Date: 12/11/14
Source: The New York times

Justice Dept. Announces New Rules to Curb Racial Profiling by Federal Law Enforcement
Date: 12/08/14
Source: The Washington Post

Texas Leads 17 States in Suing Obama Over Immigration
Date: 12/03/14
Source: USA Today

Fate of Indiana’s Obamacare Challenge on Hold
Date: 11/26/14
Source: The Lafayette Journal & Courier

21 States Ask Federal Court to Overturn Maryland gun Control Law
Date: 11/24/14
Source: The Pittsburg Tribune

Federal Appeals Court Won’t Reconsider Ruling Blocking Mississippi Abortion Law
Date: 11/21/14
Source: The Mississippi Link

Appeals Court Sides with Feds in Medicaid Dispute with Maine
Date: 11/17/14
Source: MPBN News

Federal Judge Strikes Down Montana’s Gay Marriage Ban
Date: 11/19/14
Source: The Chicago Tribune

Federal Drug Agents Launch Surprise Inspections of NFL Teams After Games
Date: 11/16/14
Source: The Richmond Times Dispatch

Federal Panel Upholds Mississippi Campaign Finance Law
Date: 11/15/14
Source: The Sun Herald

Gun Store Owners Challenge California Law in Federal Court
Date: 11/11/14
Source: KCRA 3 and KQCA Sacramento

Pennsylvania Towns Sue Over State Legislation on Gun Control Measures
Date: 11/10/14
Source: CBS Philly

Arizona Gets Green Light to Reject Federal Laws
Date: 11/09/14
Source: Arizona Public Media

First Federal Election Under Texas’ New Voter ID Law
Date: 11/04/14
Source: www.WOAI.com

Controversial Ballot Issues of 2014 Include Pot, Personhood, and Gun Control
Date: 11/03/14
Source: ABC News

Federal Appeals Court Reviewing NC Abortion Law
Date: 10/29/14
Source: WRAL Raleigh

White House Pushes Back on State Ebola Quarantines
Date: 10/27/14
Source: The Wall Street Journal

State, Federal Government Wrestle Over Testing for Students Learning English
Date: 10/18/14
Source: Tamp Bay Times

Railroads say California Lacks Authority to Impose Safety Rules on Oil Shipments
Date 10/08/14
Source: The San Luis Obispo Tribune

Federal Judge Blocks Texas Vote ID Law; State Promises A Quick Appeal
Date: 10/10/14
Source: Dallas News

Sen. Ted Cruz Pushing Federal Legislation to Protect State Laws Defining Marriage
Date: 10/7/14
Source: Fox News Austin

In the 20 States Where Gay Marriage Bans remain, What’s next?
Date: 10/6/14
Source: USA Today

Judge Tosses Suit by 6 States Over California Law on Eggs
Date: 10/3/14
Source: The San Francisco Gate

Bill for Idaho Federal Land Legal Fees Up to $61,375
Date: 9/30/14
Source: The Spokesman-Review

Prop 122 Would Allow State to Curb Perceived Federal Overreach
Date: 9/28/14
Source: The East Valley Tribune

Fate of Texas’ Tough Voter ID Law in Judge’s Hands
Date: 9/22/14
Source: KPRC 2 Houston

Chemical Giants Want Stronger Federal Law
Date: 9/21/14
Source: The Journal Gazette

NJ lawmakers Advance Legislation to Give Vets In-State Tuition
Date: 9/16/14
Source: Burlington County Times

Mass. Must Take Steps to Comply With Federal Driver’s License Law
Date: 9/16/14
Source: Boston Globe

Federal Appeals court Hears Arguments on Wisconsin’s Voter ID Law
Date: 9/11/14
Source: WSAU Wisconsin

Texas Abortion Law Heads to Federal Court
Date: 9/12/14
Source: USA Today

5 Things You Need to Know About Today’s N.J. Sports Betting Announcement
Date: 9/8/14
Source: NJ.com

Groups Launch Effort to Promote Federal Health Law
Date: 9/10/14
Source: The Baxter Bulletin

Schmidt Seeks Dismissal of Brady Challenge to Kansas Gun Law
Date: 9/9/14
Source: The Topeka Capital Journal

Obama Administration Wants Arizona Immigration Law Struck Down
Date: 9/6/14
Source: East Valley Tribune

Legal pot, murky jobs: Marijuana laws put workers in tough spot
Date: 9/4/14
Source: USA Today

Bucking trend, federal judge upholds gay marriage ban in Louisiana
Date: 9/3/14
Source: LA Times

Does Delaware’s New Digital Asset Law Conflict With Federal Statute?
Date: 9/3/14
Source: Delaware Law Weekly

In states, a legislative rush to nullify federal gun laws
Date: 8/29/14
Source: The Washington Post

Federal judge halts key part of Texas abortion law that would close clinics by Sept. 1
Date: 8/29/14
Source: Dallas News

Federal Judge Blocks Ohio Early-Voting Law
Date: 9/4/14
Source: The Wall Street Journal

Gay marriage cases await early decision by U.S. Supreme Court
Date: 9/4/14
Source: Reuters

Obamacare Subsidies Are Going Back to Court
Date: 9/4/14
Source: National Journal

Housing bill could jeopardize $1 million in federal funding to the state
Date: 9/4/14
Source: The Columbus Dispatch

Federal court upholds Louisiana marriage law
Date: 9/3/14
Source: ArkLaTexHomepage.com

Federal Court Upholds Indiana Right-to-Work Law
Date: 9/2/14
Source: The Indianapolis Star

Federal Judge Blocks Enforcement Of Louisiana Abortion Law
Date: 9/1/14
Source: NPR

2 Sides Cite Discrimination as Battle on Texas Voting Law Heads to Court
Date: 9/1/14
Source: New York Times