Citizen Juries

Jury trials for criminal defendants are secured in the body of the Constitution as well as in the Sixth Amendment. The Supreme Court has applied this protection to state governments through the Fourteenth Amendment. Serving on a jury is a responsibility of citizenship.

Top Stories

Connecticut Court Rejects Murderer’s Appeal Over Dismissed Juror Who Believed He Wasn’t Guilty
Date: 02/17/15
Source: The Star Tribune

Theater Shooting Juror With Unvaccinated Grandchild Rips Out Own Hair, Dismissed
Date: 02/03/15
Source: Fox 31 Denver

Juror in Aaron Hernandez Case Dismissed Over Concerns About Bias Towards Patriots
Date: 02/03/15
Source: New York Daily News

Dismissed Juror Says She Would’ve Voted to Convict Malcolm Smith
Date: 01/30/15
Source: The New York Post

Judge Won’t Dismiss Summoned Theater Shooting Juror Who May Have been Drunk in Court
Date: 01/26/15
Source: Fox 31 Denver

Juror Dismissed in Mendota Heights cop Killing Trial
Date: 01/20/15
Source: The Grand Forks Herald

Juror Dismissed in Brian Fitch Trial Feared for Herself, Family
Date: 01/16/15
Source: KSTP 5 Minneapolis/St. Paul

Dismissed Tsarnaev Trail Juror Speaks about His Experience
Date: 01/14/15
Source: WWLP 22 Springfield

Race Becomes Issue in Jury Selection at Murder Trial of ex-Eutawville Police Chief
Date: 01/07/15
Source: The Times and Democrat

Brad Pitt Dismissed From Jury Duty For Being ‘Too Distracting’?!
Date: 12/19/14
Source: Entertainment Tonight

Hernandez Lawyers Fear Jurors After Fame
Date: 12/15/14
Source: The Boston Globe

Jodi Arias Trial Update News 2014: Third Juror dismissed From Death Penalty Trial After Getting Arrested
Date: 12/10/14
Source: The Latin Post

John Goodman Jury Tampering Suspect to Remain in Jail Without Bond
Date: 12/09/14
Source: Broward/Palm Beach New Times

Jury Finds DeJuan Hammond Guilty of Murder in Witness Death Case
Date: 12/04/14
Source: WDRB Louisville

Jury to be Determined Tuesday Morning in Kaarma Murder Trial
Date: 12/01/14
Source: The Missoulian

Witness Told Grand Jury That Michael Brown Charged at Darren Wilson, Prosecutor Says
Date: 11/24/14
Source: The New York Times

Day 11 of Jodi Arias Trial: Jurors Sent Home Until Thursday
Date: 11/18/14
Source: Fox 5 Las Vegas

Jury Expected to Begin Deliberations in David Greenfield Retrial
Date: 11/17/14
Source: The Troy Record

Juror Excused From Armed Robbery Trial Because She Broke Rule, Read About it in The Jersey Journal
Date: 11/12/14
Source: The Jersey Journal

Court Will Cast Wide Net for Bombing Trial’s Jury
Date: 11/06/14
Source: The Boston Globe

James Perron: Man ‘Guaranteed’ Hung Jury in John Goodman Retrial for $500K
Date: 11/08/14
Source: WPTV West Palm Beach

Williams Wants Another Crack at Change of Venue
Date: 10/31/14
Source: The Kaufman Herald

Dismissed Juror in Shawn Eric Ford Jr. Murder Case Says Panel Shunned Her for Holding Out
Date: 10/28/14

Murder by Cinder Block: Jury Remains Intact, Deliberations Resume
Date: 10/27/14

Second Juror Dismissed in Jodi Arias Retrial
Date: 10/23/14

Layers in McDonnell Trial Spar Over Juror’s Dismissal
Date: 10/16/14
Source: The Washington Post

Smack Talk to Get Out of Jury Duty Lands Man in Jail Cell
Date: 10/10/14
Source: The Omaha World Herald

Judge Tosses Prospective Hillsborough Country Juror in Jail
Date: 10/13/14
Source: the Tampa Tribune

John Goodman Retrial: Day 2 of Jury Selection Ends with 63 Potential Jurors
Date: 10/7/14
Source: The Sun Sentinel

Judge Denies Mistrial After Dismissing African-American Juror in Zimbabwe Trial
Date: 10/7/14
Source: The Chicago Tribune

Forty People Make it to Second Day of Jury Selection in Goodman Retrial
Date: 10/6/14
Source: The Sun Sentinel

Potential Arias Juror Disobeys Judge, Walks Out of Courthouse
Date: 10/6/14
Source: KPHO 5 Phoenix

Dismissed Juror Apologizes to Angela Corey for Comment
Date: 9/29/14
Source: Action News Jacksonville

Potential Jodi Arias Jurors Dismissed in Droved
Date: 9/30/14
Source: USA Today

Dunn Juror Dismissed for Alleged Bias
Date: 9/27/14
Source: FCN 12 Jacksonville

Burnsville Murder Suspect Wants Change of Venue and First Degree Charges Dismissed
Date: 9/25/14
Source: The Star Tribune

Dunn Retrial: Inside Courtroom 406
Date: 9/22/14
Source: First Coast News

Tracie Hunter Files Motion Asking Judge Norbery Nadel to Disqualify Himself
Date: 9/17/17
Source: WCPO 9 Cincinnati

Ellis Juror Dismissed for Hardship
Date: 9/19/14
Source: Atlanta Journal Constitution

Excused McDonnell Juror Discussed Case at Bar
Date: 9/18/14
Source: CSN Baltimore

Juror Anonymity Crucial in Reputed E.C. Gang Member Trial, Prosecutors Say
Date: 9/21/14
Source: NWI Times Chicago

Juror Dismissed from Kalamazoo Murder Trial
Date: 9/19/14
Source: WKZO Kalamazoo

Ferguson, Mo., Unrest Prominent Theme in Jury Selection for Detroit Officer’s Trial
Date: 9/16/14
Source: The Detroit News

Mistrial Declared After Juror Tells Judge He knows Slain Pastor’s Wife
Date: 9/11/14
Source: Dallas News

Dismissed Juror Says he Thought McDonnell’s Innocent
Date: 9/12/14
Source: The Roanoke Times

As Leon Ford Case Shows, Alternate Jurors’ Role Can be Challenging
Date: 9/15/14
Source: Pittsburg Post-Gazette

2,000 Potential Jurors Could be Called for Tsarnaev Trial
Date: 9/12/14
Source: Boston Herald

Putnam County Deputy Found guilty After Using Excessive Force
Date: 9/12/14
Source: WISH-TV Indianapolis

Ryan Welch Murder trial jury selection: 15 of 16 Jurors Selected on First Day
Date: 9/8/14

11 Women and One Man Seated on Tracie Hunter Jury
Source: WKRC Cincinnati

SEAL’s Widow Seeks Retrial in Ventura Case Trial
Date: 9/5/14

Motion to Restart Jury Selection in APS Trial is Denied
Date: 9/3/14

Jurors quizzed on bias in face of triple murder defendant Caius Veiovis sporting tattoos, implants
Date: 9/3/14

Partner of man killed after jury mistake freed him sentenced for burglary
Date: 9/3/14
Source: The Fresno Bee

Judge rejects defense claim that jury is tainted in APS cheating scandal trial
Date: 9/3/14

Debate Over Jury Instructions at Ex-Governor’s Trial
Date: 8/28/14
Source: New York Times