Constitutional Resources for Educators

Learn about the Constitution, Bill of Rights, and more!

- Free Lesson Plans: Our Constitution Courier weekly lesson newsletter helps teachers connect America’s Founding principles to students’ lives. Each Courier lesson includes historical content, connections to real life, classroom activities, downloadable PDFs, discussion questions, and/or suggestions for further reading.
- Teaching with Current Events: Read breaking news related to the Bill of Rights, gathered by Institute staff every school day, from news sources across the country. If you’re looking for rights-related news stories that present the issues in a balanced way, you’ll find them here.
- Landmark Supreme Court Cases: Read summaries of the majority ruling in landmark Supreme Court cases throughout history that have had an impact on our rights as citizens.
- America’s Founders: Learn about the 24 original Founders of the United States, including their biographies, portraits, and famous quotes, in our online gallery.
- Play Games: Looking for a different way to engage your students with their rights? Try introducing them to an interactive game or working through an online activity based around constitutional principles!
- Watch Videos: Help bring the Founding Era alive for your students through these short and engaging videos.