Workshop Dates and Locations:

Date: 11/15/13
Location: Hilton Garden Inn Houston Northwest Conference Center
14919 Northwest Freeway, Houston, TX 77040
Time: 8:00am-3:00pm (breakfast and lunch provided)
Cost: FREE!
All attendees will receive a certificate for 6 recertification credits

Parking is near the conference center. Proceed through the double doors. The seminar is in Plaza A,B,C.

Sample Agenda

Thanks for your interest.  Please email Stephanie at to get on our waiting list.We will confirm your registration status by 11/10/13.

More about this resource – We’ve created this resource specifically for those in school leadership that addresses principles of civic virtue, specifically as they pertain to a functioning democratic society, and seeks to build dialogue in the 21st century around these ideas in schools and communities around the country. Though the term “virtue,” is often cast in the light of religion, this resource seeks to show that virtue is compatible with, but does not require religious belief.

What does the resource contain? 10 narratives or photo-narratives that tell a story about individuals who faced a crisis of civic virtue accompanied by journaling exercises for students, as well as additional resources for biographic information, suggestions for corresponding literature selections, and a “Virtue in Action” supplement that will provide ideas and activities for demonstrating civic virtue in schools and communities.

How can it be used?
Even though this resource is for you as a school leader, it ultimately is something that will need to be implemented by your teachers, ideally those teaching Social Studies or English curriculums. We’ve tested this resource in high-school classrooms across and have heard the following…
“I think most teachers would be able to use the material as is to support their own teaching needs and style” – teacher, South Carolina
“The cross-curricular approach was great! The narratives on virtue were great for any classroom because it is something that we all work on. I was able to do the historical aspect and discussion and the English teacher worked with them on writing their essay.” – teacher, Maryland
“Giving the students a role model with concrete examples of a civic virtue is a great approach.” – teacher, Arizona

If I’m intrigued and would like to get a copy of the resource for myself and my staff, how do I do that?
Since we know that successful implementation of any resource of this nature depends on enthusiastic teachers, we’d like to invite you to bring along one or two of your best faculty members as well!

Email Laura Vlk with questions.