For School Administrators

BRAND NEW! Classroom & Character Education Resources

Are you looking for an easy to implement classroom and/or character education resource? Learn more about our resource Heroes & Villians: The Quest for Civic Virtue. This resource is a cross-curricular approach to developing student dialogue through historical narratives.

Bringing the Bill of Rights Institute to Your School

Are you looking to strengthen your school’s or districts’ social studies expertise in both knowledge and pedagogy? The Bill of Rights Institute is prepared to bring our resources and knowledge to your school to ensure your social studies educators are better equipped for educating young minds about the Founding and the Constitution.  The Bill of Rights Institute offers solid academic content, engaging instructional tools and primary source activities, and on-going professional development opportunities.

We will customize a professional development program for your districts’ specific needs – one that meets your state standards.  Still have a Teaching American History grant?  The Bill of Rights Institute can partner with you on how to deliver a high-quality program within the confines of your Teaching American History grant document.

Find out how to bring a professional development seminar program to your school or school district now by contacting Laura Vlk at 703-894-1776, ext. 20.

Customized Professional Development Webinar Programs

The Bill of Rights Institute is now offering customized professional development webinar programs for your school or school district.  These webinar programs feature exclusive Bill of Rights Institute curriculum resources, content and pedagogy sessions taught live over the Web by one of our master teachers, all in smaller time allotments to allow you and your fellow educators more flexible scheduling options.  Scholarly content is also available for webinar sessions.

Find out how to bring a professional development seminar program to your school or school district now by contacting Laura Vlk at 703-894-1776, ext. 20.

Adopting the Bill of Rights Institute Curriculum in Your School

Are you in the market for new social studies curriculum resources?  The Bill of Rights Institute has a number of classroom-tested curriculum titles that are certain to improve your students’ comprehension, literacy, and level of engagement.  All of our titles are reviewed by scholars, master teachers, and subject matter experts, ensuring the highest quality learning products.  Find your next classroom teaching tool by browsing our online store.  For specific bulk ordering questions, please contact James Anderson at 703-894-1776, ext.  31.

“I love Being an American: Exploring the Ideals that Unite Us. The lessons are fantastic for teaching the ideals of citizenship!  My students always get really into the scenarios asking what they would do in a particular situation, and I like discussions that come out of the scenarios for challenging students to think beyond their first response.  A great curriculum for engaging students about our shared ideals.”

-  Erin Welch, SCORE Alternative High School, Nixa, MO