Founders and the Constitution

Founders and the Constitution - Combined Set

Founders and the Constitution: In Their Own Words introduces your students to twenty-four individuals who had a direct impact on the founding of our constitutional government. Students will explore the lives and ideas of the Founders, analyze their writings, and appreciate each Founder’s role in shaping our government. Divided into two volumes, the Founders and the Constitution teacher guide includes student handouts, biographical and thematic essays, and answer keys.

Each volume highlights 12 founders and comes with a corresponding poster set. Posters are 11"X17" folded flat, and include the name of the Founder, the state they are from, and a memorable quote at the bottom.

Featured Founders in Volume 1: Charles Carroll of Carrollton Benjamin Franklin Elbridge Gerry Patrick Henry Thomas Jefferson Richard Henry Lee James Madison George Mason Robert Morris Charles Pinckney Roger Sherman John Witherspoon Featured Founders in Volume 2: John Adams Samuel Adams John Dickinson Alexander Hamilton John Hancock John Jay Gouverneur Morris James Otis Thomas Paine Benjamin Rush George Washington James Wilson


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