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Liz Schley



Although she has taught for sixteen years, not all of Liz Schley’s career has been spent teaching middle and high school social studies. Her bachelor’s degree is in Elementary Education with an emphasis in Early Childhood Education. “I fell into being a social studies teacher 16 years ago,” Liz explains, “and being able to work through the National Board process allowed me to become the social studies teacher that I always wanted as a student.”

Liz currently teaches at Basha High School, an Arizona School of Civic Excellence, teaching AP Government and Politics and 8th-grade citizenship and civic engagement, and she also writes a blog for teachers ( She loves teaching about the Supreme Court and civil rights and civil liberties cases in particular.

She says her biggest influence in education is Brian Jaeger, her evaluator, mentor, and administrator for 11 years, who is now a superintendent in Iowa. “He showed me what it meant to be a teacher leader instead of a teacher manager…He helped shape me into the teacher and leader that I am today.”

What motivates her most, however, is her family, especially her seven-year-old whose favorite musical is…you guessed it: “Hamilton”!