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Caroline Lindey


Co-president, Speech and debate team

Voted “Most Likely to Run the Constitutional Academy in 10 years” by my Constitutional Academy peers; Co-president of the speech and debate team; Graduate of the Leadership Institute’s Youth Leadership School in Arlington, Virginia; First place winner for Senior Individual Exhibit for the National History Day’s Pittsburgh regional competition

In the past, most of my peers in school have had this apathy towards my love of history, economics and politics. I always felt that students my own age saw me as an outsider because of my passion for discussing current events and learning more about our founding documents. I even at times dealt with opponents inside and outside of the classroom who were very against my support of the Constitution. Thankfully, at Constitutional Academy, I found the opposite. I discovered that there are professors and teachers who praised the founding fathers rather than degrade them. I connected with other bright young constitutionalists who believe that it us up to us, the rising generation, to restore America back to the country the founders intended. And I felt a sense of mutual admiration and respect from these classmates I only spent a few days with. The young minds who are left with the task of protecting and defending the Constitution in a culture that tells us it is outdated and does not promote “progress”.

I recently applied for an internship at United States Representative Mike Kelly’s regional office where I hope to learn more about the legislative process. I also have applied to attend Turning Point USA’s Winter Activism Conference where I plan to learn more about campus activism and network with other conservatives. My hope is to be accepted and to attend Hillsdale College in Michigan. I hope for the opportunity to take a gap year, return to Hillsdale, double major in economics and political science, and maybe intern for an organization like the Bill of Rights Institute. I honestly would intern for the Bill of Rights Institute this summer if they would take me, because I know how successful they are at conveying the messages and voices of the founders in such a spirited, youthful, honest and lively way. I feel part of my future is finding out why an organization such as the Bill of Rights Institute is so successful in what they do and then replicate that myself. I envision myself in 20 years establishing my own organization, if not sooner.