Constitution Day Resources

Middle and High School Constitution Day Lesson Plans

Make sure you have the resources you need to explore the Constitution with your class for Constitution Day! We have complete classroom lessons for both middle school and high school classes that are sure to engage your students! Each lesson includes a warm-up activity, a full lesson, a wrap-up activity, and homework. Fill out this form and receive 2 FREE lesson plans today – it only takes 1 minute!

Constitution Duel Quiz Game

As you take this Constitution Duel you will be asked to answer 15 multiple choice questions to defend your constitutional honor. All questions will come from 4 categories; the Constitution, primary source documents, landmark Supreme Court cases, and historic people.Take the quiz as an individual, or as a team – get your whole class involved and challenge another classroom to a Constitution knowledge duel!

Have fun – and remember to take the quiz more than once, each quiz has different questions!

Representative Government Video

You’ve told us that students often confuse republics and democracies. Do your students understand the key differences? The Bill of Rights Institute has created a short, engaging video for Constitution Day on the constitutional principle of representative government. Exciting visuals from current events, an engaging historical narrative, brief scholar interviews, familiar music, and memorable quotes will make this 7-minute video perfect for use on Constitution Day, and every day! A short viewing guide is also available to guide your students through the content.

Madison’s Notes are Missing

This game gives your students the chance to become a reporter and travel back in time to the Constitutional Convention. They will ask questions of the Founders and report their findings in a news story. Each Founder talks and engages with students in a way that really brings the Constitutional Convention alive for young learners!

Life Without the Bill of Rights?

Celebrate Constitution Day with a fun, interactive game – Life Without the Bill of Rights? is a click-and-explore activity that asks you to consider how life would change without some of our most cherished freedoms. Life Without the Bill of Rights invites you to understand the significance of constitutionally-protected rights including freedom of religion, speech, and press, freedom from unreasonable search and seizure, and the rights of private property. To guide students through the activity, use our free graphic organizer.