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Thomas Jefferson and the Rewards of Humility

Adams, Henry. History of the United States of America during the Administrations of Thomas Jefferson and James Madison. 1891-96; New York: Library of America, 1986.

Malone, Dumas. Jefferson and His Time, 6 vols. Boston: Little, Brown, 1948-81.

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Part I: Humility, Glory, and Defeat

CENTRAL QUESTIONS: How does humility relate to moments of glory? How does it affect moments of defeat?

If you have photos of students from your schools’ arts or athletic events, share them with students, preferably via a slideshow so that students are viewing the images together. Tailor the following questions to the interests and extracurricular activities of students in your class, and lead a discussion based on them.

  • What is happening at this moment in this game/play/scene/ performance?
  • Describe the moments that led up to it.
  • Who made the shot/goal/touchdown? Who assisted?
  • Considering all the moments that led up to that scoring moment, who played a quieter part and did not/does not generally receive recognition for it?

If the image involves an “agony of defeat” or injury moment:

  • What is happening at this moment?
  • Do you recall the responses of the people who were there? Describe what you saw. Did anyone witness a moment of particularly good sportsmanship/kindness/generosity?
  • Why do people have a positive reaction when they see good sportsmanship or generosity on athletic fields or in performance venues?

Post or project the following definition of humility: Remembering that one’s ignorance is far greater than one’s knowledge. Readily giving praise to those who earn it. Ask students how the scenes they just discussed reflect that definition.

Post or project the following questions and have students write their responses before discussing as a group.

  • How does humility play a part in these kinds of moments?
  • How does it relate to moments of glory in general?
  • How does it affect moments of defeat?


Part II: Close-Reading Thomas Jefferson

Distribute to students the “Close-Reading Thomas Jefferson” handout. You may wish to also project a large version of the photograph for students to see while you discuss it.

The optional introductory activity above is designed to support you in the classroom. However, the primary narratives and photos in the section that follows can be used with or without this introduction.