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The Schechter Brothers’ Contribution

How can one person’s talent, passions, and work affect society? 

  • Define contribution 
  • Define vocation 
  • Identify at least 3 ways individuals can contribute to society 
  • Explain the way in which the Schechter Brothers contributed to society in the face of challenges from the National Recovery Administration. 

Educator Resources

  • The Schechter Brothers’ Contribution Answer Key

Student Handouts

  • Contribution and Benefits Launch Activity
  • Contribution Essay: The Schechter Brothers
  • Discussion Guide: The Schechter Brothers’ Contribution
  • Our Contributions: Who Benefits?
  • Virtue in Action: The Schechter Brothers’ Contribution
  • Contribution Worksheet

  • Contribution
  • Vocation
  • Embezzlement 
  • Kosher
  • Kashrut

A.L.A. Schechter Poultry Corp. v. U.S. 55 S. Ct. 837. Supreme Court of the U.S. 1935.

Panama Refining Co. v. Ryan. 293 US 388. Supreme Court of the U.S. 1935.

Discuss the Guiding Question with students. Introduce the definition of contribution. 

Assign students to groups of 4 or 5 and distribute the Contributions & Benefits handout, one per student. First, allow time for individual students to complete questions 1 through 3. After students have completed that portion, have each small group discuss their responses to the questions and to the table each student completed.

Have each group report, via their chosen reporter, the “contributions to society” statement they drafted.

Have students read The Schechter Brothers Essay and then use the Discussion Guide to review and analyze the reading with a partner or two. Ask students to submit written responses if desired. 

Have each student write a six word sentence summarizing the reading. 

Have students think of someone who embodies the idea of contribution.  Students should research this person and prepare a short presentation about the person and their contribution. 

Have students use the Virtue in Action handout to consider their personal application of the virtue of contribution.  

Student Handouts

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