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Educational Content

This page gives you quick access to views of content migrated to this website from our legacy sites. Some pages may be broken at the moment. Oven Bits is working on bug resolution that will address these issues.

Most popular site pages

We used Google Analytics to establish what the most popular pages are on the BRI sites today. Below is a before and after view of the top pages on the list. The below pages get 4,650,000 visits per year, and represent about a third of the traffic to BRI sites.

The Bill of Rights

Legacy Page

New Page

Federalist Papers No. 10

Legacy Page

New Page

Federalist Papers No. 50

Legacy page

New Page

The Constitution of the United States of America

Legacy Page

New Page

The full list of pages we are watching can be found here.

About the migration of educational content

Content originated from the main BRI site, the Resources (Voices of History) site, Documents of Freedom and the Textbook hosted on OpenStax Tutor, Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. Various techniques were employed to extract and transform the content, including exports using a Wordpress plugin, XML conversions, scripts and tapping directly into the site's database.

An Amazon S3 directory was created to centralize all the PDF documents across the sites. Most documents were moved to that new directory. Images were extracted from the existing sites to serve as the cover image for each product.

The total number of content items extracted and loaded into this new site was 3,897. Additionally, a number of customized pages were added to present views into content, bringing the number of searchable educational content items close to four thousand.

A significant aspect of the migration is maintaining the thousands of relationships between these content items. Consider all the activities and resources roll up to a lesson, then up to a unit then to a curriculum.

Work that remains

While we have the content in the site now, there is a lot to do before our soft launch on December 9 and our marketing launch on December 15. The primary work that remains is: