Colonial Williamsburg Offers Free Electronic Field Trip on the Election of 1800

This September, Colonial Williamsburg will allow complimentary access to their Gift to a Nation electronic field trip series “The Will of the People.” Gearing up for the presidential election this November, “The Will of the People” examines the election of 1800.  The election of 1800 was a bitter campaign between John Adams and Thomas Jefferson for the role of president.  Students can learn more about the election from Jefferson and how negative campaigning and partisan politics played a role in the contest.  The electronic field trip series will help students learn more about Founding Principles and citizenship through videos, interactive games, lesson plans, and downloadable resources.

We would love to hear how the Colonial Williamsburg electronic field trip series goes in your classroom.  Let us know by leaving your comments below. 

If you are looking for additional resources on electing a president see the Bill of Rights Institute’s video called Election: Presidents and the Constitution.  You can also find lesson plans, activities, and other resources on the election of 1800 and other contested elections in our books Presidents and the Constitution, Volume I and II.

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