Washington’s Copy of the Constitution

In 1789, the United States Constitution went into effect and George Washington was elected as the first leader of the country. If you know your early American history, you’ll remember that Washington was the president of the Constitutional Convention as well. Even though he was in attendance for much of the writing of the Constitution, Washington felt that he needed the document close to him during the presidency. He ordered a personal copy from England (gasp!) so that he could refer to all of articles and sections that applied to him in his new role.

Washington’s signature graces the front page and he makes notes in his own hand throughout the pages. Just in case he forgot, Washington drew brackets and wrote “President” next to the passages regarding the executive powers. This great artifact from Washington’s presidency and life will be sold to the highest bidder on June 22, 2012.

To read more about Washington’s copy of the Constitution, visit For George Washington, the Constitution Was a Cheat Sheet on ABCNews.com.

What do you think a Washington’s Constitution is worth?

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