Almost immediately after President Obama announced that the U.S. had killed September 11 mastermind and Al-Qaida head Osama bin Laden, teachers knew it would be a topic of conversation the next day in school and for months and years to come.

We work to prepare curriculum resources that tie constitutional principles to current events in ways that show young people why their rights matter, why the Constitution matters, and why our constitutional principles continue to be important.

This week’s expanded eLesson provides current events resources along with critical thinking questions to guide discussion of the death of Osama bin Laden in the context of American history and traditions, the Constitution, and the rule of law.

The lesson provides links to news stories and constitutional resources, along with critical thinking questions, to help students answer the question:

“The Constitution divides war-making power between the executive and legislative branches, ensuring that war would not be the result of a King’s personal pride or quest for power. If you were the President of the United States during the time of the September 11 attacks, how would you have sought to balance citizens’ natural desire for arbitrary power with respect for the rule of law?”

The resource will be sent to our eLesson subscribers, and is available here for free download. We hope you will be able to review it and decide how you can use it with your students. If you do, please tell us in the comments how it went. What is the most important lesson for students to take away from this historical event? Download the lesson: Constitutional Principles and the Death of Osama bin Laden.

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