The tragic events in Arizona have had numerous implications for Bill of Rights protections. We are working on a complete eLesson for distribution next week on all the constitutional angles of the story┬áincluding the Arizona legislature’s ban on funeral protests and calls to criminalize speech that could be perceived as threatening to lawmakers. (The Supreme Court has already ruled that “fighting words” or actual threats are not protected speech.) Sign up here to receive that eLesson in your inbox next week. You can view the news stories we’ve compiled so far on our daily news headlines page and past headlines pages.

Bill of Rights Institute staff members are keeping the victims of the shooting, their families and all those suffering in the wake of this terrible event in our thoughts and prayers.

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  2. Jeremy says:

    Given the Article III text “. . . .such Trial shall be held in the state . . . .”, how can Loughner’s trial be moved from Arizona to California?

    Thanks. – Jeremy

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