Photo by Ignas Kukenys from Vilnius, Lithuania from Wikimedia CommonsLots of folks, from teacher bloggers to nationally syndicated columnists, have been talking about reform, education, and the future of America’s youth this week.

At the Huffington Post, Sam Chaltain refers to 2010 as the year of education reform and discusssed some common traps that folks fall into when discussing changes in public education. His comments on the problems with Superman Syndrome are interesting–do you think that educators or reform advocates fall into the thought traps he describes? Would you agree with the quote that “sometimes you have to destroy your business in order to save it”?

In another opinion on school reform, blogger Nora Fleming at Education Week covered some comments on pay from U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan. The blog post focuses on teacher compensation in a time when many schools are cutting their budgets, and whether compensation makes more sense based on credentials or based on a combination of tenure and “extraordinary talent”. Do teachers that have a greater impact on students deserve a different paycheck?

The issue of education reform has really energized education bloggers nationwide, as yesterday was declared the official Day of National Blogging for Real Education Reform. Shortly afterwards, teachers and Twitter users started a hashtag to follow the conversation on Twitter: #blog4reform.

From the blog posts, Tweets, and news articles, people have been voicing very heated and divergent opinions on the state of education in America. Do you think that the system needs reform, or are many people overreacting to the recent press? What concerns you most about the current system of education for young people?

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