Watch out–your history textbook may not have all the facts!

This week’s Education Link Roundup features a story about a Virginia history textbook with incorrect claims about the involvement of blacks in the Civil War forces for the Confederacy. The textbook company has distributed stickers for teachers to place over the false claim, and Virginia’s Governor Bob McDonnell has called for a review of the state’s textbook adoption process in the aftermath of the controversy.

You might wonder if the University of Colorado students were using equally flawed textbooks–this Atlantic Wire blog post talks about all the facts that current college students don’t know about American government (like how many Senators are in Congress!). Do the students in your community know the current Speaker of the House?

Did you know that it is National Freedom of Speech Week? Join the Media Institute, EDSITEment, and more to celebrate one of the five freedoms guaranteed to American citizens by the First Amendment. Also, follow the hashtag #NFSW on Twitter this week to follow the latest free speech news!

Finally, if you are still a bit fuzzy on the constitutional issues from the comments at Christine O’Donnell’s recent debate, the National Constitution Center blog elaborates on Was O’Donnell right about “church and state”?

Tell us what you think! What articles are you reading about the state of civic education in the nation this week?

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  2. Peter says:

    #NFSW is almost the same as NSFW… careful sending students to that hashtag! :)

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