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Virtue in Action – The Schechter Brothers’ Contribution

Discover your passions and talents, and use them to create what is beautiful and needed. Work hard to take care of yourself and those who depend on you.

  • Work hard to develop your natural talents. It’s important to have a broad base of knowledge, but focus on developing skills where you can make a special contribution.
    • Make a list of all the things you enjoy doing.
    • Go through that list and determine the ones you are already good at, or in which you could truly excel.
    • Of those, make a plan to develop some into courses of study or a career, and develop some into hobbies.
    • This school year, use this list to help you plan to make a special contribution to
      improve your school.
  • Take an inventory of the ways you contribute to your family’s welfare. Broaden that list to include all those who depend on you in other ways. Finally, broaden it to include people who may depend on you in the future, including possiblly a spouse and children. What are some ways you can and will uniquely contribute to take care of those people?