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Virtue in Action – Benedict Arnold’s Treason

Strive for integrity in your daily life. Keep a journal and note the ways you act with honesty, honor, and integrity.

  • Benedict Arnold’s self-deception may have been rooted in self-congratulatory or self righteous attitudes. Identify the areas in which you can tend toward those traits, and be aware of the self-deception to which they can lead.
  • Stay on top of your academic studies. Take responsibility for both your good and bad grades.
  • If you do poorly on an assignment, don’t blame others.
  • If you do well within a group assignment, ensure that due credit is given to all.
  • If you play a team sport, remember that your teammates are counting on you. Practice regularly, arrive at each practice prepared, and do your best on game day, even if you aren’t the star of the team.
  • If you are a member of a musical group, remember that your fellow musicians are counting on you. Practice regularly, arrive at each rehearsal prepared, and play with excellence at performances, even if you are never assigned a solo.

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