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Handout B: Setting the Scene (The Whiskey Rebellion)

Setting the Scene

Directions: Complete the events on the timeline using Handout A.

  1. 1789: The ________________________ is ratified. It gives power to raise an army to Congress, and assigns the power of Commander in Chief to the President. The President is also charged with taking care that the laws are “faithfully executed.”
  2. 1791: Congress passes a ___% excise tax on __________.
  3. 1792: Congress passes the __________________ of 1792. This law empowers Congress to raise a militia to “__________________________.”
  4. 1792: In response to outbreaks of resistance to the tax, President Washington issues a _______________ calling for __________________________.
  5. July 1794: Events in Pennsylvania include: _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  6. August 2, 1794: President Washington meets with ____________________ to discuss what action to take, if any, with respect to the situation in Pennsylvania. He presents evidence to _______________________ who will decide if the situation can be handled by civil authorities.
  7. August 7, 1794: Washington issues a proclamation declaring ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________.
  8. September 25, 1794: Washington issues a proclamation declaring _________________________________________________________________________________________________________.