See what these students had to say about our programs:

“I have learned so much about individual and economic freedom. Perhaps more importantly, I learned why it is critical to maintain them. Our Constitution is a gift from our Founders that resonates with modern society far more than many may realize.”

– Razi Lane, 2014 Constitutional Academy Alumni


“All the different speakers were so engaging. It was so active, and I got to interact with many different people. It made learning much more fun.”

– Shanty Panza, 2014 Constitutional Academy Alumni


“The diversity of ideas was a cornerstone of the program, and was fundamental in providing me a new lens of thought on the Constitution.”

– Philip Glazman, 2013 Constitutional Academy Alumni


See what these teachers had to say about our programs and resources:

“These materials are excellent and I believe it will make my Constitution lesson come alive. Thank you!”

– Dominic DeLuce, History Teacher, Bradley, Illinois


“In 25 years of teaching, the experience I had at Founders Fellowship this summer was the single best training for teaching Government I have ever been a part of. I am inspired and more prepared than I have ever been to train high school students in the value and appreciation of our Constitution and our country’s Founders.”

– Sean Redmond, Government Teacher, Garden Grove, CA


“The lessons and resources I received from the Bill of Rights Institute will immediately be integrated into my classroom. My students already love Bill of Rights Institute lessons because they are interactive and thought provoking.”

– Julie Conrady, Government Teacher, Norman, Oklahoma


“My students will enjoy the movement and the non-lecture based lessons.”

– Jen Conway, History Teacher, Girard, Ohio


“Students really get the concepts through the use of the Bill of Rights Institute materials. Thank you so very much for providing quality materials and ongoing opportunities for me to obtain still more excellent materials through the Bill of Rights Institute website.”

– Denise Gianopoulos, Civics Teacher, Albuquerque, New Mexico


“I love the Bill of Rights Institute’s curriculum. It’s ‘tweak-able’ to fit all the level of students I teach.”

– Christy Goodney, History Teacher, Conroe, Texas


“The way each lesson is broken down makes it easy and manageable for the teacher. The content is very rich and grade level appropriate. It is varied so that the kids will be engaged and on task at all times.”

– Talithea Biggs, History Teacher, Trenton, New Jersey