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More information about your facilitator, Gennie Westbrook:

Gennie Westbrook, Director of Curriculum and Professional Development

Gennie leads the Institute’s Professional Development team and collaborates in curriculum creation.  Since joining The Bill of Rights Institute in 2007, she has conducted over 200 constitutional seminars for teachers around the nation and has participated in development of several new books.  Prior to that time, Gennie enjoyed a long career as a teacher of U.S. History, AP U.S. History, We the People advanced U.S. Government, World History, Geography, Sociology, and other social studies courses at Calhoun High School in Port Lavaca, Texas. She also often served as a presenter at Texas Law-Related Education conventions and workshops. Gennie is a 2000 Madison Fellow from Texas, and received her MA in Political Science from Virginia Tech’s online program in 2003. Gennie earned her MA in Education with certification in Guidance and Counseling from the University of Houston-Victoria, and her Bachelor’s Degree in Education with composite Social Studies certification from Texas State University in San Marcos. Gennie is glad to work here because of her own teaching experience with our curriculum. “As a former teacher, I love sharing resources that I know to be useful and valuable because I used them myself in the classroom. It is a privilege to work with awesome and dedicated teachers all over the country.”