Does the Constitution Still Matter?

Our Students Share Why the Answer is YES.

The Weekly Standard is carrying a brief essay about the Institute’s students and their thoughts on why the Constitution still matters. These young Americans offer a strong rebuttal to arguments claiming the Constitution is archaic and detached from modern culture.  Read the full essay today to hear more of what they have to say!

Meet Shashwat Chugh, from Edison, New Jersey, who says:

“I’ve studied the Constitution of other countries, including Pakistan and India, and their systems of government don’t have the same protections as ours. The executive can take over in these other countries at any time, but our Constitution includes protections so there is no way for that to happen.”



Meet Ryan Shymansky, from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Ryan understands the solutions to American’s challenges lie with individual citizens whose entrepreneurialism is protected by the Constitution:

“The difference between American and the rest of the world is this: here, the people delegate powers to the government…The vast majority of rights and responsibilities in America lie with the individual, and this is spelled out in the Constitution.”