Meet Constitutional Academy Alumni Cameron Conrad

The Bill of Rights Institute conducted our fifth Constitutional Academy this summer, one of our student programs geared to help reach 500,000 students by the end of 2012. Institute scholars discussed the Founding principles and values with 42 high-school students from all over the country. Donate now to help teach these values to even more students!

Too many young Americans express a “don’t know and don’t care” attitude towards being an American. Not Cameron – he’s different. He’s had the chance to explore the Founding principles and develop a deep appreciation for his freedoms as an American. Watch Cameron’s interview today!

“America is unique because it offers more opportunities than anywhere else,” he told us after attending this year’s Constitutional Academy.

Watch Cameron’s interview and read more about him below.  You can also find out how you can help us identify and educate top talent like Cameron during our 2012 Campaign.

About Cameron 

Cameron is just one of the 500,000 students that the Institute can reach as part of the 2012 Campaign with your support. Please make a donation today to ensure many more young Americans are equipped to restore America’s constitutional culture.

High School/Hometown: Senior at St. John’s Jesuit High School, Toledo, OH

Future Plans: Cameron is looking at Duke, Boston College, Ohio State University, and University of Miami for college, where he hopes to major in History and possibly Political Science. He also plans to attend law school and eventually become a professor.

Favorite Part of Constitutional Academy: “It was a hard but rewarding learning experience. I enjoyed learning what the Founders believed and taught.”

Thoughts on Constitutional Culture: “It’s important to have a constitutional culture in America because it’s essential to living in a republic. If we are to rule ourselves through our representatives, we need to be informed so we can pick the right representatives. I see it as my role to help educate others about constitutional issues.”