Religious Liberty and America’s Founders


Today’s activities give you and your students a chance to test your knowledge of some important American statements on religious liberty.

How to use this Lesson

Use these strategies to help your students connect with the concept of religious liberty in today’s eLesson.

  • Then and now: After students complete the interactives, have them search for additional quotations from the Founding era as well as more modern statements on the meaning of religious liberty. They should choose 3-4 from each time period and then do a “Now and Then” game. In small groups, they can take turns reading their quotations aloud and having group members try to determine the time period it represents.
  • Close reading: Have students select one of the four quotations featured in the activity and write a brief response taking into consideration: What is the speaker’s definition of religious liberty? Has that definition changed over time? What questions would you have for the speaker?

Interactive Games

Launch the Founders Quote Matching Interactive!