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Current Events and the Constitution

There are many opportunities to analyze and discuss current events in light of our Founding documents.  Current Events and the Constitution provides a framework for discussing current events in context with history. Each month, students will analyze how the Constitution applies to a specific issue and can be adapted to discuss events on the local, state, or national level. View past lessons.

Snowden and the NSA

A mere nine months ago no one knew the name Edward Snowden. Now not a week goes by without a news story related to his revelations about the National Security Agency (NSA). No doubt your class has already begun to ponder the implications of NSA information gathering and what it says about our system of governance. Does the executive branch, which controls the NSA through the Department of Defense, have too much power? How do we resolve the tension between liberty and security? Is Snowden, who released classified information, a traitor or a whistleblower? Were his actions morally justified?View this week’s eLesson.

Bill of Rights in the News

The Bill of Rights in the News Constitution Courier focuses on issues making headlines that directly relate to the Bill of Rights and the Constitution. With current online news articles, discussion questions, and related links and resources, Bill of Rights in the News is a valuable teaching asset for government, history, or civics teachers. View past lessons.

Eisenhower and the Little Rock Crisis DBQ

Arkansas Governor Orval Faubus ordered his state’s National Guard to block the entry of nine newly-enrolled African American students to Central High School in Little Rock. A violent mob gathered in front of the school, and city police failed to control it. Finally, when asked for assistance by the mayor of Little Rock, President Eisenhower believed his constitutional duty to take care that the laws were faithfully executed left him no choice but to intervene, even to the point of  using military force against American citizens. Download the complete lesson here.