Student Rights

Minor children do not have the same constitutionally-protected rights as do ordinary adult citizens. Parents and other authority figures can make rules for children that may have the effect of restricting, for example, young peoples’ freedom of speech or religious exercise. School officials often act as authority figures in the lives of young people. Because they are government actors, the actions of public school officials may be limited by Bill of Rights protections to some extent.

Top Stories:

Free Speech Group Objects to Lewis & Clark Discipline of Students Who Joked about White Power, N-Word at Dorm Party
Date: 4/25/14

Using Texas’ Model More States Mull ‘Religious Viewpoints’ in Schools Law
Date: 4/24/14
Source: Al Jazeera America

Free speech: Students, UJ work together to protect freedom of speech through legislation
Date: 4/16/14
Source: Jamestown Sun

Settlement sought in free speech case by Christian student at TNCC
Date: 4/15/14
Source: Daily Press

Manchester settles with federal civil rights agency over minority students in advanced courses
Date: 4/15/14
Source: New Hampshire Union Leader

Appeals court justifies Morgan Hill school’s dress code
Date: 2/28/14
Source: SF Gate

Protecting student privacy in the data age
Date: 12/17/13
Source: USA Today

UTC free speech rules ambiguous yet common
Date: 12/16/13
Source: Times Free Press

Groups Demand State Agency Stop Using Stun Guns & Pepper Spray On School Kids
Date: 12/6/13
Source: Texas Public Radio

Texas Principal Put On Leave For Banning Spanish In School
Date: 12/4/13
Source: Fox News Latino

NC fine-tunes student lawyer policy
Date: 12/4/13
Source: The Daily Tar Heel

UNI not in compliance with federal policy regarding pregnant students
Date: 12/3/13
Source: WCF Courier

Kan. school reportedly prohibits student from posting fliers with Bible verses
Date: 12/3/13
Source: Fox News

NY Schools Plan Called Threat to Privacy
Date: 11/25/13
Source: Courthouse News Service

Students walk out of class in support of classmate
Date: 11/22/13
Source: KVUE

School Bans Student From Flying Confederate Flag On Truck
Date: 11/24/13
Source: CBS Las Vegas

School district says staffers didn’t delete students’ cellphone videos
Date: 11/25/13
Source: KATU

Schools chief: Fix sought over transgendered student’s yearbook photo; civil rights group alleges discrimination
Date: 11/15/13
Source: The Monitor

Black, Latino Students Disproportionately Suspended From School: ACLU
Date: 11/15/13
Source: NBC Philadelphia

UMass students lobby for more voting power on the university’s governing board
Date: 11/19/13
Source: MassLive

KU students don empty gun holsters in protest
Date: 11/19/13
Source: The Topeka Capital-Journal

Rutgers students who made ‘mock-eviction’ protest cleared of bias accusations
Date: 11/14/13

School Blocks Transgender Student’s Tuxedo Yearbook Picture For ‘Community Standards’
Date: 11/14/13
Source: The Huffington Post

Pennsylvania high school administrators told student newspaper it can’t ban the word ‘Redskins’
Date: 11/11/13
Source: Student Press Law Center

NYC parents file suit against state Ed. Dept. over student data collection
Date: 11/13/13
Source: Poughkeepsie Journal

Motion to allow female student to wrestle at Line Mountain receives no support
Date: 11/13/13
Source: News Item

UGA students’ expressions may be limited by few free speech zones, 48-hour delay
Date: 11/13/13
Source: The Red & Black

Gonzaga students deter break-in with gun, which university seizes
Date: 11/9/13
Source: The Spokesman-Review

Student speech rights eroding, advocates say
Date: 11/4/13
Source: Online Athens

Teacher Back in Class After Suspension Over Pledge
Date: 11/7/13
Source: ABC News

Birdville student suspended for ripping Bible
Date: 11/2/13
Source: The Star-Telegram

Hernando teacher suspended after requiring fourth-grader to participate in Pledge of Allegiance
Date: 11/5/13
Source: The Tampa Bay Times

Group Raises First Amendment Concerns About RSU’s Student Code
Date: 11/5/13
Source: News On 6

Tenn. High school separates students at lunchtime based on grades
Date: 11/2/13
Source: Fox News

Student suspended for criticizing gay lifestyle on t-shirt
Date: 11/1/13
Source: Fox2Now St. Louis

Quest to bring Greek life to Dixie pits school officials against would-be sorority
Date: 10/31/13
Source: Deseret News

Easton Area School District to appeal ‘I Heart Boobies’ bracelet case to U.S. Supreme Court
Date: 10/29/13
Source: Lehigh Valley Live

Warily, Schools Watch Students on the Internet
Date: 10/28/13
Source: The New York Times

Student says New York university forced him to remove Confederate flag
Date: 10/27/13
Source: Fox News

Poem gets high school football player suspended, kicked off team
Date: 10/24/13
Source: Fox News

ACLU: Seattle college’s proposed free-speech rule unconstitutional
Date: 10/23/13
Source: The Seattle Times

Lawmaker: Students wearing gay-straight T-shirt at elementary event a ‘failure’ by Nixa Schools
Date: 10/18/13
Source: News Leader

Opponents gear up to fight transgender law
Date: 10/20/13
Source: The LA Times

Delaware Valley students speak out in drug test litigation
Date: 10/18/13
Source: The Pocono Record

Student group protests proposed smoking ban
Date: 10/17/13
Source: The Independent Collegian

ACLU to OU: Lift gag order on student-athletes
Date: 10/15/13
Source: The Oakland Post

Students protest against developments on Mauna Kea and for free speech
Date: 10/16/13
Source: The Ka Leo

Free speech and the American flag: Lawsuit over T-shirt incident at Morgan Hill school lives on
Date: 10/15/13
Source: San Jose Mercury News

Pittsburgh Public Schools students rally for new student bill of rights
Date: 10/14/13
Source: Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Group Presses for Safeguards on the Personal Data of Schoolchildren
Date: 10/13/13
Source: The New York Times

State school board passes student privacy policy in response to common core standards
Date: 10/11/13
Source: The Montgomery Advertiser

2 students suspended for wearing Confederate flag to school
Date: 10/10/13
Source: KOMO News

OU wins in student’s federal lawsuit over his suspension, arrest
Date: 10/9/13
Source: The Athens News

TCU forbids gun promo, raffle ahead of speech
Date: 10/9/13
Source: WFAA- ABC News

Deciding Who Sees Students’ Data
Date: 10/5/13
Source: The New York Times

Photo of principal restraining student goes viral
Date: 10/9/13
Source: WSB-TV Atlanta

OC High School Student Ordered To Remove NRA T-Shirt Because It Promotes Gun Violence
Date: 10/2/13
Source: CBS Los Angeles

Legislature may tweak zero-tolerance weapons law in schools
Date: 9/29/13
Source: The Marietta Daily Journal

Pennsylvania to re-think rule allowing students to play on opposite-gender sports teams
Date: 9/30/13
Source: Fox News

Dixie State feeling growing pains in becoming a university
Date: 9/30/13
Source: Salt Lake Tribune

Atheist students use federal law to pursue same rights as Christians for ‘secular safe zones’
Date: 9/30/13
Source: The Washington Times

D.C. schools agree to give girls opportunity to play sports to settle civil rights complaint
Date: 10/1/13
Source: The Washington Post

Student Expelled After Allegedly Trying To Grab ‘Hit List’ Out Of Teacher’s Hand
Date: 9/27/13
Source: Huffington Post

Boys punished for airsoft guns in yard

Date: 9/23/13
Source: WAVY

Dinwiddie student forced to remove ‘threatening’ Duck Dynasty t-shirt
Date: 9/20/13
Source: NBC News

Free speech icon’s tour aims to encourage student action
Date: 9/15/13
Source: USA Today

Columbus State revising free-speech rules
Date: 9/13/13
Source: The Columbus Dispatch

Glendale is paying service to monitor students online
Date: 9/10/13
Source: Glendale News

New N.C. law allows college students right to an attorney
Date: 9/09/13
Source: USA Today

Minnesota Supreme Court hears case at Roseville high school
Date: 5/6/13

Florida schoolgirl charged with felonies for science experiment
Date: 5/1/13
Source: Washington Times

State court sides with former high school senior in fight over prom party suspension
Date: 4/29/13

Students submit to breathalyzer at graduation
Date: 6/6/12
Source: ABC News

Mississippi Marine’s family rips school for making little brother hide Corps logo
Date: 5/24/12
Source: FOX News

Students face discipline for racist tweets about Joel Ward
Date: 5/1/12
Source: USA Today

Middle School Student Suspended For Hugging Teacher
Date: 4/13/12
Source: CBS Local

Indiana teenager expelled over profane Twitter post
Date: 3/28/12
Source: ABC Local

Students At N.J. Middle School Say Principal Announced Ban On Hugging
Date: 3/28/12
Source: CBS New York

Appeals court: 1st Amendment doesn’t shield NY boy, 10, disciplined for violent drawing
Date: 3/26/12
Source: Washington Post

Girl Who Borrowed Asthma Inhaler Expelled From School
Date: 1/22/12
Source: CBS Denver

Supreme Court passes up chance to tackle issue of student speech in Internet era
Date: 1/17/12
Source: Washington Post

Why New Hampshire lets parents have broad say over children’s coursework
Date: 1/30/12
Source: Christian Science Monitor