Individual Liberty

The First, Third, Fourth, and Ninth Amendments protect personal liberty and the right to be free from unreasonable government intrusion. The Fifth Amendment, as well as the Fourteenth Amendment, says that neither the federal government nor states can deprive citizens of their liberty without due process.

Top Stories

Baltimore Health Commissioner and Physicians Call for Measles Vaccinations
Date: 02/09/15
Source: The Washington Post

Proposed Law Would Ban Tattooing Minors regardless of Parental Consent
Date: 02/05/15
Source: Fox 13 Salt Lake City

Released From Cuba, Alan Gross Says Freedom Is Not Free
Date: 12/17/14
Source: ABC News

Woman Ends Own Life, Sparks National Debate
Date: 11/03/14

Nation Torn on Returning Ebola Workers
Date: 10/30/14

White House Pushes Back on State Ebola Quarantines
Date: 10/27/14
Source: The Wall Street Journal

Ebola Screening Measures Rest on Federal Law
Date: 10/10/14
Source: The Daily Star

NSA Report Casts Little Light on Civil Liberties
Date: 10/7/14|
Source: The hill

Connecticut Firefighter Files Federal Civil Rights Lawsuit Over Pregnancy-Related Sick Days
Date: 9/29/14
Source: The Star Tribune

Apple Could Face Heat from Police on Refusing Data Access, Expert Says

Date: 9/18/14
Source: Fox News

Civil Rights Group Pressures DA not to Retry Leon Ford Case
Date: 9/17/14
Source: Pittsburg Post-Gazette

Right-to-Die Conference in Chicago Draws Protest
Date: 9/18/14
Source: CBS Chicago

Activists blast Spy Bill as ‘Ripe for Abuse’
Date: 9/15/14
Source: The Hill

Cheshire Home Invasion Killer Files Civil Rights Complaint
Date: 9/12/14
Source:  WTNH Connecticut

Anti-Spying Group Drone-Free LAPD to Protest State Bill That Would Allow Police Drones
Date: 9/15/14
Source: KTLA 5 Los Angeles

City used high-tech tracking software at ‘13 Boston Calling
Date: 9/8/14
Source: Boston Globe

ACLU wants inmates to know their voting rights
Date: 9/8/14

Plane spotters allege harassment at Connecticut airport
Date: 9/8/14
Source: USA Today

Judge approves $41M civil rights settlement for Central Park 5
Date: 9/6/14

U.S. Senator Feinstein Pushes Cyber-Security Bill; Civil Liberties Activists Say It’s Flawed
Date: 9/5/14

Ohio could lose millions in civil rights funding if fair-housing bill becomes law, federal official warns
Date: 9/4/14

Justice Department to Announce Civil Rights Probe into Ferguson Police Department
Date: 9/3/14
Source: ABC News

Court hears debate in NSA phone records case
Date: 9/2/14
Source: Poughkeepsie Journal