Freedom of the Press

The First Amendment to the Constitution forbids Congress from passing any law abridging the freedom of the press. The Supreme Court has applied this limitation to state governments through the Fourteenth Amendment.

Top Stories:

California High court Sides With Press in Abuse Cases at State-Run Homes
Date: 02/19/15
Source: The LA Times

Proposed Law Would Ban Tattooing Minors regardless of Parental Consent
Date: 02/05/15
Source: Fox 13 Salt Lake City

Defiant on Witness Stand, Times Reporter Says Little
Date: 01/06/15
Source: The New York Times

Appeals Court: Reporter Does Not Have to Disclose Source
Date: 12/16/14
Source: CBS Chicago

Justice Department Backs Down in Fight Over Press Freedom
Date: 12/16/14
Source: East Idaho News

Update of Freedom of Information Act Languishes in House
Date: 12/12/14
Source: The Portland Press Herald

Connecticut High Court Taking Up Press-Freedom Case
Date: 12/06/14
Source: The Washington Times

AP Exclusive: Ferguson No-Fly Zone Aimed at Media
Date: 11/02/14
Source: ABC News

U.S. Inquiry Sought in Police Treatment of Press at Ferguson Protests
Date: 10/26/14
Source: The New York Times

Indiana Supreme court Sides with Newspaper, Rules Causes of Death are Public Information
Date: 10/08/14
Source: The Greenfield Daily Reporter

White House Backtracks on Press Restrictions After First Lady’s Visit
Date: 10/2/14
Source: The Milwaukee Wisconsin Journal Sentinel

Broadcasters Seek an Aereo ‘Plan B’
Date: 4/14/14
Source: Wall Street Journal

Stephen Kim pleads guilty in leak to news reporter
Date: 2/07/14
Source: USA Today

Freedom Of The Press Foundation To Release new Version Of Anonymous Whistleblower Submission System
Date: 12/5/13
Source: Forbes

Julian Assange lawyer calls on US to make formal decision on prosecution
Date: 11/26/13
Source: The Guardian

Journalists Protest Restrictions On Photographing Obama, Compare White House To Soviet Union
Date: 11/21/13
Source: The Huffington Post

Blogger threatened with 10-year prison sentence for posting public official’s phone number
Date: 11/14/13
Source: The Washington Post

Student newspaper under fire for ban on mascot’s ‘Redskins’ name
Date: 11/16/13
Source: Fox News

College paper pulls white supremacist ad after funding threats
Date: 11/13/13
Source: Poynter

Lawyers of Jana Winter, Fox News Reporter, Seek To Protect Confidential Sources
Date: 11/11/13
Source: The Huffington Post

Government spying causing American writers to self-censor: report
Date: 11/12/13
Source: The Washington Times

New York’s top court to rule on Fox journalist’s bid to protect sources
Date: 11/11/13
Source: Fox News

FBI Spies on Antiwar Editors, ACLU Says
Date: 11/8/13
Source: Courthouse News Service

ACLU fights to open court records of jailed blogger, argues court order unconstitutional
Date: 11/6/13

Florida man arrested for filming traffic stop
Date: 11/5/13
Source: WTSP

AP’s Carroll praises DOJ press protection changes
Date: 10/28/13
Source: Seattle PI

Memphis Police accused of violating rights by preventing cellphone recording of their activities
Date: 10/30/13
Source: Knox News

Conservative Reporter Says Feds Took Her Files While Searching Her Home for Guns
Date: 10/25/13
Source: The Atlantic Wire

ACLU sues to lift secrecy over Missouri execution team
Date: 10/23/13
Source: St. Louis Post-Dispatch

California Paparazzi Law Puts First Amendment in Spotlight
Date: 10/22/13
Source: The Wall Street Journal

AP CEO: Press Freedom V. Security a ‘False Choice’
Date: 10/19/13
Source: ABC News

New York Times editor defends journalists over Snowden leaks
Date: 10/15/13
Source: The Guardian

SecureDrop Launches New Open-Source Submission System For Journalists
Date: 10/15/13
Source: The Huffington Post

Sacrebleu! ATF threatens French-style firing squad for agents who leak secrets
Date: 10/16/13
Source: The Washington Times

Report: White House Scrutiny of Leaks Threatens Press Freedom
Date: 10/10/13
Source: Voice of America News

Obama Administration Has Gone To Unprecedented Lengths To Thwart Journalists, Report Finds
Date: 10/10/13
Source: The Huffington Post

Supreme Court sides with OSU student paper
Date: 10/8/13
Source: KGW Portland

Newport News judge reverses order on witness names
Date: 10/8/13
Source: The Daily Press

For Journalists, More Firepower to Protect Sources and Secrets
Date: 9/29/13
Source: The New York Times

Joliet reporter found in contempt for not divulging source, could face jail
Date: 9/20/13
Source: The Herald-News

Drudge hates new shield bill, but is defining ‘journalist’ really ‘fascist’?
Date: 9/14/13
Source: Christian Science Monitor

Bill to protect journalists clears Senate panel
Date: 9/12/13
Source: LA Times

U.S. soldier Manning gets 35 years in WikiLeaks trial
Date: 8/21/13
Source: Reuters

NSA files: UK and US at odds over destruction of Guardian hard drives
Date: 8/20/13
Source: The Guardian

Intent To Harm At Center Of Bradley Manning’s Trial
Date: 6/03/13
Source: NPR

AP president calls on Obama to ‘rein in’ DOJ probe into wire service’s records
Date: 5/20/13
Source: Fox News

White House to renew bid for bill to protect journalists
Date: 5/15/13
Source: LA Times

Lawmakers rip Justice Department over AP phone records grab
Date: 5/14/13
Source: Fox News

Minnesota Supreme Court hears case at Roseville high school
Date: 5/6/13

Court sides with AP over access to Tom Corbett’s calendar
Date: 4/23/13
Source: Lehigh Valley Live

Sen. Mitch McConnell campaign continues to attack source of anonymous audio recording
Date: 4/11/13

Fox News Demanding Press Freedom for One of Its Own
Date: 4/8/13
Source: New York Magazine

Biden Press Office Apologizes For Demanding Student Journalist Delete Photographs
Date: 3/13/13

Judge Overrules Censors in Guantánamo 9/11 Hearing
Date: 1/30/13
Source: NY Times

Ex-CIA officer sentenced in leak case
Date: 1/25/13
Source: LA Times

Ex-Officer Is First From C.I.A. to Face Prison for a Leak
Date: 1/05/2013
Source: NY Times

Judge further restricts release of information from Sept. 11 trial
Date: 1/03/2013
Source: LA Times

New York Newspaper Outs Gun Permit Owners, Editors Get Outed Back
Date: 12/26/2012
Source: International Business Times

Court: First Amendment protects Santa Barbara newspaper in labor dispute
Date: 12/18/2012
Source: Washington Post

Judge Upholds Reporters’ Shield
Date: 12/10/2012
Source: New Haven Independent

NBC sued over Trayvon tape
Date: 10/4/12
Source: NY Post