Freedom of Speech

The First Amendment to the Constitution forbids Congress from passing any law abridging the freedom of speech. The Supreme Court has applied this limitation to state governments through the Fourteenth Amendment.

Top Stories

Free Speech and Electioneering Laws Collide in NKY Case
Date: 10/13/14

First NRA Sponsored Anti I594 ad Appears
Date: 10/12/14
Source: King 5 News

Bobby Jindal Wants Teachers To Know They Have Free Speech Rights, Too
Date: 10/9/14
Source: The Huffington Post

Anti-Drone Activists, Limited to ‘Free Speech Zone’ at Hancock Air Base, Protest Without Incident
Date: 10/5/14

Organizing to Defend a Professor’s Freedom of Speech
Date: 9/28/14
Source: The New York Times

Madison County Schools Sued After Disciplining Student Over Nude Photo
Date: 9/23/14
Source: The Clarion-Ledger

SEPTA’s Ad Refusal Sparks Free-Speech Fight
Date: 9/23/14
Source: The Philadelphia Inquirer

McKinney Faults Prof on Criticism of Foley; It’s Free Speech, says UConn
Date: 9/21/14
Source: The New Haven Register

Neo-Nazi Candidate Must be Heard, Foes Say
Date: 9/19/14
Source: The Courier-Journal

Appeals Court: Hateful Poem Sent to Professor a Form of Free Speech
Date: 9/16/14
Source: The Salt Lake Tribune

Boise State Changes Policies After Gun-rights Flap
Date: 9/17/14
Source: Twin Falls Times-News

Williamsville Superintendent, Board Face Lawsuit by Suspended Administrator
Date: 9/9/14
Source: The Buffalo News

Senate Dems in Doomed Push to Limit Campaign Funds
Date: 9/8/14
Source: ABC News

UC Berkeley Chancellor: Free Speech Requires “civility”
Date: 9/7/14
Source: Washington Times

Judge: Free Speech Applies to Michigan Vanity Plates
Date: 9/4/14
Source: The Indianapolis Star

Tainted Well Prompts Free Speech Dispute
Date: 9/5/14
Source: Killeen Daily Herald

The Law Against Artists: Public Art Often Loses Out in Court
Date: 9/4/14
Source: New York Observer

Judge: Free speech applies to Michigan vanity plates
Date: 9/4/14
Source: Indy Star

Montana KKK flier prompts free speech debate
Date: 8/30/14
Source: Great Falls Tribune

Black Teens Unfairly Expelled From Ohio High School After Making Rap Music Video’s
Date: 9/3/14
Source: The Washington Post