The enumerated powers of Congress in Article I, Section 8; the powers denied to Congress in Article I, Section 9; the powers denied to states in Article I, Section 10; and  Tenth Amendment which protects the powers not given to the national government as reserved to the states and the people, are key to the principle of Federalism.

Top Stories

Federal Judge Strikes Down Wisconsin Law Requiring Photo ID at Polls
Date: 4/29/14
Source: The New York Times

Washington First State to Lose Federal Waiver on Requirements from No Child Left Behind Act
Date: 4/24/14
Source: startribune.com

Brownback Signs Compact, Hopes To Exempt State From Federal Health Care Laws
Source: cjonline.com
Date: 4/23/14

Kettle Falls Five Marijuana Case Pits Federal Laws Against State Laws
Source: KXLY
Date: 4/22/14

Supreme Court Rejects States’ Appeal of Law on Harboring Immigrants
Date: 4/21/14
Source: cronkitenewsonline.com

Nevada rancher standoff turns on a states’ rights debate
Date: 4/14/14
Source: CBS News

Federal Judge Orders Ohio to Recognize Out-of-State Gay Marriages
Date: 4/14/14
Source: Wall Street Journal

State says county misinterpreted federal law
Date: 4/14/14
Source: The Star Democrat

Feds OK Pot Background Checks by Washington State
Date: 4/10/14
Source: ABC News

Missouri Lawmakers Attempt to Nullify Federal Gun Laws, Again
Date: 4/7/14
Source: Time

A Dot on the Map, After Scandal, Could Be Wiped Off
Date: 3/10/14
Source: NY Times

Supreme Court to consider EPA’s authority to regulate greenhouse gases
Date: 2/27/14
Source: Washington Post

Obama signs farm bill
Date: 2/07/14
Source: USA Today

Obama climate change agenda faces first Supreme Court test
Date: 2/24/14
Source: Reuters

Supreme Court Deals Itself Out of Poker Case
Date: 2/24/14
Source: NBC News

Supreme Court could decide legality of poker games
Date: 2/17/14
Source: The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

NJ appeals sports betting case to U.S. Supreme Court
Date: 2/18/2014
Source: NJ.com

Governor Backs Funds for Detroit Bankruptcy
Date: 1/22/14
Source: Wall Street Journal

States increasingly air their differences at Supreme Court
Date: 1/18/14
Source: USA Today

Supreme Court halts Utah gay marriages, signaling cautious approach
Date: 1/06/14
Source: LA Times

Cuomo Said Set to Revive New York Medical Marijuana Law
Date: 1/05/13
Source: Bloomberg

A Vast River and the Legal Woes at Its Banks
Date: 12/18/13
Source: NY Times

Legal marijuana states bank on secret meeting
Date: 12/16/13
Source: Philly.com

Judge in Kansas orders federal agency to act on states’ request on voter laws
Date: 12/13/13
Source: Kansas City Star

West Virginia AG joining with other states in federal gun purchasing case
Date: 12/04/13
Source: MetroNews

Teachers complain Common Core-linked lessons little more than scripts to read
Date: 12/5/13
Source: Fox News

Ohio pulls plans to comply with federal ID law
Date: 12/6/13
Source: The Columbus Dispatch

Courts, US public at odds over worker firings for ‘legal’ marijuana use
Date: 12/4/13
Source: CNBC

Feds deny early approval of Fresno-Bakersfield high-speed rail segment
Date: 12/4/13
Source: The Fresno Bee

Detroit’s general pension system expects to file appeal of bankruptcy ruling today
Date: 12/4/13
Source: Detroit Free Press

Pension Ruling in Detroit Echoes West to California
Date: 12/3/13
Source: The New York Times

ObamaCare faces another challenge in federal court
Date: 12/4/13
Source: Fox News

Some NSA Opponents Want to ‘Nullify’ Surveillance With State Law
Date: 12/3/13
Source: US News

HI health exchange violates federal law, League of Women Voters say
Date: 12/3/13
Source: Hawaii Reporter

Supreme Court declines case on making online retailers collect sales taxes
Date: 12/2/13
Source: The Washington Post

Stakes high as US Supreme Court hears Michigan tribal case on gaming dispute
Date: 12/2/13
Source: The Times Herald

Federal judge blocks new nonsurgical abortion law
Date: 11/26/13
Source: KPC News

Mich. lets insurers renew canceled health policies
Date: 11/22/13
Source: The Kansas City Star

Denver pot businesses raided ahead of legal sales
Date: 11/21/13
Source: Seattle PI

Protests widen against Obama-backed Common Core education reforms
Date: 11/17/13
Source: The Washington Times

Going Rogue: U.S. Attorneys in California Defy Obama on Medical Marijuana
Date: 11/18/13
Source: The Huffington Post

Bill Forces Disclosure Of Law’s Effect On Premiums
Date: 11/17/13
Source: CBS Detroit

D.C. to join states giving drivers’ licenses to illegal immigrants
Date: 11/18/13
Source: Richmond Times-Dispatch

DOJ ‘Abandons’ Suit Against Louisiana School Voucher Program
Date: 11/19/13
Source: The Weekly Standard

Missouri to allow joint tax returns for legally married same-sex couples
Date: 11/15/13
Source: St. Louis Post-Dispatch

State rebuts Obama plan to allow old health insurance policies
Date: 11/14/13
Source: Komo News

Mass. Hospitals Weigh Medical Marijuana Liability Risk
Date: 11/12/13
Source: WBUR

Law & Order: Indian Country
Date: 11/13/13
Source: KUNM

Voter ID laws challenged in state, federal court as discriminatory
Date: 11/10/13
Source: United Press International

Texas and 5 Other States Resist Processing Benefits for Gay Couples
Date: 11/10/13
Source: The New York Times

Federal lawsuit targets Georgia’s ‘stand your ground’ law
Date: 11/6/13
Source: Fox News

Supreme Court finds dilemma in spurned wife’s conviction
Date: 11/5/13
Source: The Washington Post

Hagel Deploys National Guard Chief to Combat States’ Gay Troop Protest
Date: 11/1/13
Source: US News

Federal appeals court reinstates most of Texas’ abortion restrictions
Date: 10/31/13
Source: Fox News

Feds tighten rules on campus sexual violence cases
Date: 11/1/13
Source: FDL Reporter

Yakama Nation won’t recognize legal marijuana
Date: 10/27/13
Source: Komo News

Senators Bicker Over State Stand Your Ground Laws
Date: 10/29/13
Source: ABC News

Connecticut’s medical marijuana law still at odds with federal law
Date: 10/25/13
Source: The Register Citizen

Illegally packing: State law prohibiting law enforcement from carrying guns in restaurants with bars debated
Date: 10/26/13
Source: Shreveport Times

Court could block Obamacare subsidies in 34 states
Date: 10/25/13
Source: Market Watch

Native American gay couple to wed in Oklahoma under tribal law—despite state ban
Date: 10/23/13
Source: NBC News

Delaware’s ‘secret trials’ violate 1st Amendment: U.S. Court
Date: 10/23/13
Source: Reuters

Court Lifts Limit on Contributing to Pro-Lhota PAC
Date: 10/24/13
Source: The New York Times

Federal judge says PSC didn’t violate federal law
Date: 10/22/13
Source: The Kansas City Star

Federal judge weighs the fate of new state abortion law
Date: 10/23/13
Source: Dallas News

Judge in gay rights ruling in crosshairs
Date: 10/21/13
Source: The Sandusky Register

State ‘Amazon tax’ fight may land in Supreme Court -lawyers
Date: 10/22/13
Source: CNBC

States to federal government: Return our land
Date: 10/18/13
Source: The Journal Gazette

Privacy laws collide with some gun-control efforts, panel told
Date: 10/17/13
Source: The Providence Journal

High court: ‘Driving while Hispanic’ law illegal
Date: 10/17/13
Source: The Advertiser

Colorado farmers harvesting industrial hemp despite federal drug law
Date: 10/12/13
Source: Fox News

Utah’s national parks will reopen despite ongoing government shutdown
Date: 10/11/13
Source: CNN

States step up to fill federal government void <- not sure about this one
Date: 10/11/13
Source: Fox News

Some States Asking Same-Sex Married Couples To File As Singles
Date: 10/9/13
Source: The Huffington Post

TSA might allow passengers to board planes with marijuana
Date: 10/7/13
Source: RT

Walker defies DC order to close down federally funded parks in Wisconsin
Date: 10/4/13
Source: The Hill

Marijuana Businesses Need More Flexibility In Federal Banking Regulations: Govs. Hickenlooper, Inslee
Date: 10/3/13
Source: The Huffington Post

Pennsylvania clerk appeals ban on gay marriage licenses
Date: 10/1/13
Source: Reuters

Obama administration sues to block North Carolina voter law
Date: 9/30/13
Source: Yahoo News

Growing hemp would violate federal law, Kentucky AG warns
Date: 9/26/13
Source: Capital Press

State liquor law challenged in federal court
Date: 9/23/13
Source: The City Wire

Guard Sees Fight In Rights Debate
Date: 9/23/13
Source: Valley News

Some states may legalize pot, but on federal grounds, U.S. government has final say
Date: 9/17/13
Source: Washington Post

New Jersey Can’t Legalize Sports Betting, U.S. Court Says
Date: 9/17/13
Source: Bloomberg

Feds Seek To Corral Medical Marijuana ‘Wild West’
Date: 9/12/13
Source: NPR

Missouri Senate Kills Effort To Nullify Federal Gun Laws
Date: 9/12/13
Source: HuffingtonPost.com

Answers Sought for When Marijuana Laws Collide
Date: 9/11/13
Source: NY Times

U.S. secretary of education opposes California’s testing plan
Date: 9/09/13
Source: LA Times

California lawmakers from right and left join in opposing a federal law
Date: 9/09/13
Source: LA Times

Vt border DUI highlights federal law role in state
Date: 9/06/13
Source: Associated Press

Washington State Prepares For ‘Worst-Case Scenario,’ A Federal Lawsuit Over Marijuana Legalization
Date: 8/21/13
Source: Huffington Post

Federal judge questions constitutionality of Colorado foreclosure law
Date: 5/6/13
Source: Denver Post

Eric Holder to Kansas governor: New state gun law unconstitutional
Date: 5/2/13
Source: Washington Times

Nullifying Federal Gun Statutes: After League City’s Precedent, Towns Across Texas — and Beyond — Race to Do The Same
Date: 5/1/13
Source: Houston Press

Alabama Senate Passes Bill To Nullify Gun Laws
Date: 5/1/13
Source: Huffington Post

Civil rights groups oppose No Child Left Behind waiver for LAUSD
Date: 4/30/13
Source: Daily News Los Angeles

Lower tuition for immigrants becomes law in Colo.
Date: 4/29/13
Source: SFGate.com

Justices Decline to Take Case on Alabama Immigration Law
Date: 4/29/13
Source: New York Times

Alaska lawmakers push back on ‘federal overreach’
Date: 4/27/13
Source: Anchorage Daily News

Texas asks Supreme Court to block climate rules
Date: 4/22/13
Source: Houston Chronicle

States move to restrict gun magazines as federal proposal stalls in Congress
Date: 4/10/13
Source: Washington Post

House lawmakers file bills to push back against federal laws
Date: 4/9/13
Source: WRAL.com

Oklahoma bill would let taxpayers help fund fight against federal laws
Date: 4/9/13
Source: NewsOK.com

Okla. Lawmakers Seek To Use State Income Tax Refunds To Defend Laws Against Federal Constitutional Challenges
Date: 4/9/13
Source: Washington.CBSLocal.com

Insurers see way to dodge federal healthcare law next year
Date: 4/2/13
Source: Los Angeles Times