Citizen Juries

Jury trials for criminal defendants are secured in the body of the Constitution as well as in the Sixth Amendment. The Supreme Court has applied this protection to state governments through the Fourteenth Amendment. Serving on a jury is a responsibility of citizenship.

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Judge Denies Defense’s Request for New Jury Pool in Murder Case
Date: 4/29/14

Julie Schenecker Jury Selection Proves to be Challenging
Date: 4/28/14
Source: WTSP

Apple v. Samsung Jury will Mull 53 Pages of Instructions to Prepare Verdict
Date: 4/28/14

West Virginia Supreme Court Reinstates Man’s Murder Convictions
Date: 4/24/14

Lawyers Can Look Up Jurors on Social Media but can’t Connect with Them, ABA Ethics Opinion Says
Date: 4/24/14

Marlow Trial Begins With Jury Selection
Source: Cherokee Tribune
Date: 4/23/14

Insider Traders Seek Conviction Reversal on Jury Instruction
Source: Business Week
Date: 4/22/14

Ninth Circuit Receives Briefs in Juror Discrimination Case
Date: 4/22/14

Oregon Court Clarifies Appeal of Jury Instructions
Date: 4/22/14
Source: The National Law Journal

Man Who Murdered His Girlfriend Finally Faces Sentencing
Date: 4/22/14
Source: WJAR

Prosecutor: Former Topekan to be tried a second time in 2011 traffic death in Jacksonville Beach, Fla
Date: 4/15/14

Jury nullification bill won’t move this session
Date: 4/15/14

Jury in Ayyub Abdul-Alim case asks judge for clarification on reasonable doubt
Date: 4/15/14

Did state prove intent? In 2013 murder case, defense says no
Date: 4/15/14

Lawyer’s Conviction on Extortion Upheld by 9th
Date: 4/14/14
Source: Courthouse News Service

Attorneys appealing Suisun man’s conviction claim evidence withheld
Date: 4/11/14
Source: The Reporter News

Warlocks MC member not guilty of murder; Mistrial declared on one attempted murder count
Date: 4/9/14
Source: WFTV

Jury reached not guilty verdict after saying they were deadlocked
Date: 12/12/13
Source: WLTV

Ross offered juror ‘envelope full of cash’
Date: 12/5/13
Source: The Star-Herald

Judge considers motion to acquit defendant in Fairfield murder case
Date: 12/2/13
Source: Journal-News

Homicide trial ends abruptly when juror faints, another admits knowing defendant’s relative
Date: 12/3/13
Source: TribLive

Potential jurors for Coach v. Swap Shop showdown admit they bought knockoffs
Date:  12/2/13
Source: The Sun Sentinel

After mistrial, lawyer seeks dismissal
Date: 11/28/13
Source: The Salem News

Longview car dealer’s drug distribution trial goes to jury
Date: 11/25/13
Source: The Daily News

Mistrial declared in capital murder trial of Birmingham woman in brutal beating, shooting
Date: 11/26/13

Prosecutor’s closing arguments leads to another reversal for man twice convicted of burglary
Date: 11/17/13
Source: The Buffalo News

Attorney asks for mistrial after juror dismissed in DeKalb schools corruption trial
Date: 11/19/13
Source: WSBTV

Chat between defendant, later-dismissed juror not enough to overturn verdict
Date: 11/20/13
Source: The West Virginia Record

Court: Dismissal of black woman from jury was not discriminatory; killer’s appeal rejected
Date: 11/18/13
Source: The Las Vegas Sun

Murder trial derailed by shackles sighting
Date: 11/14/13
Source: My San Antonio

Porter defense cites Facebook in seeking mistrial
Date: 11/14/13
Source: NBC 10

Mistrial declared in Miller murder trial
Date: 11/13/13
Source: My San Antonio

Brown trial jury selection moves into day three
Date: 11/13/13
Source: The Press-Citizen

Supreme Court affirms murder conviction
Date: 11/11/13
Source: The Newport Independent

Jurors in Timothy Johnson trial won’t hear evidence of earlier armed robbery
Date: 11/10/13
Source: The Telegraph

Potential juror’s remarks nearly derails Morris pools
Date: 11/6/13
Source: The Tampa Tribune

Mistrial in Midei stent case as jury deadlocks on damages
Date: 11/6/13
Source: The Baltimore Sun

Mistrial Declared In Carjacking Case After Witness Mentions Other Crime
Date: 11/5/13
Source: The Chattanoogan

Jury nullification signs in D.C. spark free speech debate
Date: 11/4/13
Source: The Washington Times

Court determines no mistrial in Bisard case despite juror’s violation Monday
Date: 11/4/13
Source: Fox 59

Bisard case on edge of mistrial after juror dismissed Monday
Date: 11/4/13
Source: Fox 59

Juror dismissed in Phillipsburg home invasion trial; motion to declare mistrial denied
Date: 10/28/13
Source: Lehigh Valley Live

Jury selection begins again in child death case
Date: 10/28/13
Source: Highlands Today

Billboard advocating jury nullification concerns local prosecutors
Date: 10/29/13
Source: The Washington Post

UPDATE: Juror dismissed in mobile-home slaying trial
Date: 10/25/13
Source: Savannah Now

Judge: David Camm juror instructions can include guilt by aiding and abetting
Date: 10/21/13
Source: The Courier-Journal

About 600 jurors called for Karl Karlsen murder trial because of extensive media coverage
Date: 10/16/13

Judge denies motion for mistrial in Sweet double murder trial
Date: 10/21/13
Source: KWWL

Juror in Tussle Over Taxi Is Taken Off Fraud Case
Date: 10/18/13
Source: The New York Times

Jackson Family Attorney Considering Appealing AEG Verdict Due to Confusing Jury Instructions
Date: 10/15/13
Source: The Huffington Post

NC appeals court orders new trial in murder case
Date; 10/15/13
Source: The Daily Reflector

Juror dismissed in trial of Indianapolis police officer David Bisard
Date: 10/16/13
Source: The Indy Star

Judge: Temple killings juror unwilling to deliberate
Date: 10/15/13
Source: AZ Central

Charges dismissed against NYC man due to potential prejudice
Date: 10/13/13
Source: Watertown Daily Times

Mistrial forces new jury for Arlington murder case
Date: 10/11/13
Source: The Daily Herald

Supreme Court upholds $130K award to Papa Wheelies
Date: 10/10/13
Source: Seacoast Online

Jury deliberates Vallejo man’s fate in Fairfield murder trial
Date: 10/10/13
Source: The Reporter

Juror dismissed from Arizona temple killings re-trial
Date: 10/2/13
Source: ABC 15

Judge overturns murder conviction: Former Chico State student was on death row for slaying of doctor, wife
Date: 10/6/13
Source: Chico ER News

Mistrial declared in San Manuel murder conspiracy civil case
Date: 10/1/13
Source: San Bernardino Sun

Florida Supreme Court overturns high-profile Miami murder conviction
Date: 9/26/13
Source: Miami Herald

Federal Court Poised To Decide If Sexual Orientation May Be A Factor In Jury Selection
Date: 9/18/13
Source: The Huffington Post

Juror dismissed in Skagit murder and abuse trial
Date: 9/6/13

United States: “Order On Confusion”: District Court Orders Parties To Submit Jury Instructions “In Plain Language” Or Waive Right To Jury Trial
Date: 9/3/2013

Judge dismisses jurors in major meth case
Date: 8/29/13
Source: The Daily News Onl

Defense Argues Odds Against A Random Jury In Trial On Brunswick Baby Killing
Date: 8/21/13
Source: Morris News Service

Juror dismissed in Whittemore trial in Reno
Date: 5/23/13

D.C. murder conviction overturned over coercive jury instruction
Date: 5/4/13
Source: Washington Examiner

During Jury Selection, Trying to Erase Politics From a Politicized Fraud Trial
Date: 4/28/13
Source: New York Times

Assembly passes bill to let noncitizens serve on juries
Date: 4/26/13
Source: Los Angeles Times

Jodi Arias Trial: Dismissed Juror Says It Was a ‘Great Experience’
Date: 4/25/13
Source: ABC News

Appeals court: Jackson County judge erred in booting Ho-Chunk juror
Date: 4/5/13
Source: Jackson County Chronicle

Jodi Arias Juror Dismissed for Talking About Trial
Date: 4/2/13
Source: ABC News