Citizen Juries

Jury trials for criminal defendants are secured in the body of the Constitution as well as in the Sixth Amendment. The Supreme Court has applied this protection to state governments through the Fourteenth Amendment. Serving on a jury is a responsibility of citizenship.

Top Stories

Mistrial Declared After Juror Tells Judge He knows Slain Pastor’s Wife
Date: 9/11/14
Source: Dallas News

Dismissed Juror Says he Thought McDonnell’s Innocent
Date: 9/12/14
Source: The Roanoke Times

As Leon Ford Case Shows, Alternate Jurors’ Role Can be Challenging
Date: 9/15/14
Source: Pittsburg Post-Gazette

2,000 Potential Jurors Could be Called for Tsarnaev Trial
Date: 9/12/14
Source: Boston Herald

Putnam County Deputy Found guilty After Using Excessive Force
Date: 9/12/14
Source: WISH-TV Indianapolis

Ryan Welch Murder trial jury selection: 15 of 16 Jurors Selected on First Day
Date: 9/8/14

11 Women and One Man Seated on Tracie Hunter Jury
Source: WKRC Cincinnati

SEAL’s Widow Seeks Retrial in Ventura Case Trial
Date: 9/5/14

Motion to Restart Jury Selection in APS Trial is Denied
Date: 9/3/14

Jurors quizzed on bias in face of triple murder defendant Caius Veiovis sporting tattoos, implants
Date: 9/3/14

Partner of man killed after jury mistake freed him sentenced for burglary
Date: 9/3/14
Source: The Fresno Bee

Judge rejects defense claim that jury is tainted in APS cheating scandal trial
Date: 9/3/14

Debate Over Jury Instructions at Ex-Governor’s Trial
Date: 8/28/14
Source: New York Times