Freedom of Assembly and Freedom of Petition

The First Amendment to the Constitution forbids Congress from passing any law abridging the right of the people peaceably to assemble or to petition government for a redress of grievances. The Supreme Court has applied this limitation to state governments through the Fourteenth Amendment.

Top Stories

Police-brutality Protest Ends with Clash with Phoenix Police Department
Date: 10/26/14
Source: The Arizona Republic

Protesters End Encampment at SLU
Date: 10/20/14
Source: KSDK 5 St. Louis

Heartland Park Petition Approved by Shawnee County Elections Chief
Date: 10/13/14
Source: Kansas First News

Sheriff’s Views Prompt Petition by Gun Control Group
Date: 10/10/14
Source: USA Today

1,000 – Plus Protesters Begin sit-in at St. Louis University following March
Date: 10/13/14
Source: The Washington Post

Protesters Angered at Killing of St. Louis Teen face Off with Officers for Second Night, Some Burning American Flags
Date: 10/10/14
Source: New York Daily News

Judge: Ferguson Police Violated Protesters’ Rights
Date: 10/7/14
Source: USA Today

School Funding Amendment Backers Say Enough Voters Have Signed
Date: 10/6/14
Source: Sun

Michael Brown Protesters Delay Powell Hall Concert
Date: 10/4/14
Source: KSDK 5 St. Louis

Anti-Drone Activists, Limited to ‘Free Speech Zone’ at Hancock Air Base, Protest Without Incident
Date: 10/5/14

Police in Ferguson, Mo. Ease Up On Peaceful Protesters
Date: 9/30/14
Source: The Washington Post

Petition to Create Dog Beach Gains Hundreds of Signatures
Date: 9/28/14
Source: WPTV 5 West Palm Beach

Fayetteville Civil Rights Law Suspended As Clerk Certifies Petition
Date: 9/22/14
Source: KXNW 5 Arkansas

Gun-toting Open-carry Activists Protest Detroit Police with March Through City
Date: 9/21/14

Hundreds Turnout to Protest Black Mass, Held at OKC Civic Center
Date: 9/21/14
Source: News 9 Oklahoma

Peaceful Protest in Ferguson Ends with Arrest
Date: 9/20/14
Source: Fox 2 St. Louis

Protesters Gather at Democratic Party Headquarters, Call for Immigration Reform
Date: 9/18/14
Source: The Arizona Republic

Ferguson Protesters Make New Call for Prosecutor’s Removal
Date: 9/17/14
Source: Fox News

150 Activists block city intersection to Protest One Newark
Date: 9/10/14

Anti-Spying Group Drone-Free LAPD to Protest State Bill That Would Allow Police Drones
Date: 9/15/14
Source: KTLA 5 Los Angeles

Milton School Board OK’s Investigation
Date: 9/8/14
Source: Burlington Free Press

1-70 Protest Planned for Wednesday
Date: 9/9/14
Source: KSDK St. Louis

Protesters Demonstrate Against Police Brutality at First Friday in Downtown Phoenix
Date: 9/5/14
Source: The State Press

Detroit Police Arrest Protesters on Mack Avenue
Date: 9/4/14
Souce: NBC 4 Detroit

Fast Food Workers Take to Streets to Demand $15 Minimum Wage
Date: 9/4/14
Source: The Hill

Opponents Duel as Houston Considers Civil Rights Ordinance
Date: 4/30/14

Paying tribute on the streets
Date: 4/16/14
Source: ESPN

Man Who Disrupted Supreme Court Gets Time Served
Date: 4/15/14
Source: ABC News

Court sides with ‘Elephant Man’ barred from Albuquerque board meetings
Date: 4/10/14
Source: FOX News


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