Teaching with Current Events

We have various resources to help you incorporate current events into the classroom in a way that helps your students understand the importance of the  Constitution on their daily lives.

Daily Headlines:

Read breaking news related to the Bill of Rights, gathered by Institute staff every school day, from reputable news sources across the country. Our news stories are chosen with young people in mind and on the basis of ease of use in the classroom, clarity of the constitutional issue, and neutral presentation. Most-clicked headlines are below, and you can find more stories grouped by constitutional principle on the menu to the left.

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Daily Headlines will return on September 2, 2014. Have a great summer!

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Current Events and the Constitution

There are many opportunities to analyze and discuss current events in light of our Founding documents.  Current Events and the Constitution provides a framework for discussing current events in context with history. Each month, students will analyze how the Constitution applies to a specific issue and can be adapted to discuss events on the local, state, or national level. View past lessons.

Bill of Rights in the News

The Bill of Rights in the News Constitution Courier focuses on issues making headlines that directly relate to the Bill of Rights and the Constitution. With current online news articles, discussion questions, and related links and resources, Bill of Rights in the News is a valuable teaching asset for government, history, or civics teachers. View past lessons.