Teaching with Current Events

We have various resources to help you incorporate current events into the classroom in a way that helps your students understand the importance of the  Constitution on their daily lives.

Daily Headlines:

Read breaking news related to the Bill of Rights, gathered by Institute staff every school day, from reputable news sources across the country. Our news stories are chosen with young people in mind and on the basis of ease of use in the classroom, clarity of the constitutional issue, and neutral presentation. Most-clicked headlines are below, and you can find more stories grouped by constitutional principle on the menu to the left.

Top Stories:

Brad Pitt Dismissed From Jury Duty For Being ‘Too Distracting’?!
Date: 12/19/14
Source: Entertainment Tonight

Ohio Supreme Court Sides With Toledo, Home-Rule Cities
Date: 12/19/14
Source: The Toledo Blade

Colorado Sued By Neighboring States Over Legal Pot
Date: 12/18/14
Source: USA Today

Ferguson Protesters Join in With Cleveland
Date: 12/20/14
Source: WKYC 3 Cleveland

A.C. Homeowner Fighting Eminent Domain Delivers Petition
Date: 12/19/14
Source: The Philadelphia Inquirer

Freedom of Religion? Mosque Debate in Georgia Town Reveals Sharp Divide
Date: 12/20/14
Source: PBS.org

D.C. Bill That Would Allow For Insurance Coverage of Abortions Faces Uncertain Future
Date: 12/21/14
Source: The Washington Times

Appeals Court: Reporter Does Not Have to Disclose Source
Date: 12/16/14
Source: CBS Chicago

Cursing Teen at Mill Pond Ignites Debate on Freedom of Speech
Date: 12/22/14
Source: The Detroit Free Press

Oberlin College Denies Request to Suspend Failing Grades to Give Relief to Students Who Demonstrated
Date: 12/16/14
Source: Cleveland.com

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