Resources for Bill of Rights Day

With Bill of Rights Day drawing near, I wanted to recommend a great resources to you, one of our most popular resources. This curriculum walks through the rights protected in the Bill of Rights, including religion, expression, private property, criminal procedure, citizen juries, and more.

The Bill of Rights for Real Life is designed to lead non-college bound students toward a stronger and more explicit engagement in civil society. This resources was named a “High Quality” Civic Learning Practice by the Campaign for Civic Mission of Schools, the curriculum teaches students the relevance of the Bill of Rights to their own lives.  To view a sample lesson, please click here.

Some of my favorite features of the book are:

  • Ten-unit teacher’s guide with accompanying DVDs
  • Reading tips and keyword handouts in each lesson to improve literacy and comprehension
  • “Real Life Portals” help students participate in real life situations, such as writing letters to their elected representatives, participating in a mock jury, and creating public service announcements
  • Solid content, interactive lessons, and practical applications that help students explore their role as active citizens
  • Tied to national standards

The Bill of Rights for Real Life gives your students a meaningful understanding of the ways our Constitution affects their daily lives and will empower and encourage them to preserve liberty. I hope that you will be able to use this resources to help your students understand and appreciate their rights as Americans and help to protect them.