Constitutional Workshop

Presidents and the Constitution: The President and Federal Power

Atlanta, GA
October 30, 2014

Looking for classroom-ready tools to teach your students about the Founding principles of Liberty, Separation of Powers, Limited Government, and Federalism?  Join the Bill of Rights Institute for a free one-day workshop which will provide you with easy-to-implement resources to bring these concepts alive.

This workshop is for secondary U.S. History, Government, Civics, and Social Studies teachers and will meet numerous state standards.

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Program Details:

  • This program will be held at the The Loudermilk Conference Center | 40 Courtland Street, Atlanta, Georgia 30303
  • A map of the workshop location can be found here 
  • The seminar begins at 8:00 AM with registration and breakfast, and concludes at 3:00 PM.
  • Business Casual dress is required

Participants will:

  • Analyze the Founders’ efforts to create a limited national government that would correct the problems resulting from the Articles of Confederation.
  • Understand James Madison’s view of federal power and his reasons for vetoing the “Bonus Bill.”
  • Analyze ways that Theodore Roosevelt used the presidency as a “Bully Pulpit.”
  • Contrast and evaluate the stated goals of Presidents Lyndon Johnson and Ronald Reagan regarding the proper scope of federal power.
  • Receive a FREE copy of one of our most popular resources, Presidents and the Constitution, Volume 1.
  • Explore resources to conduct document-based lessons on the presidency.
  • Discuss primary source documents and historically-based, expert methods to address these topics.
Please contact Laura Vlk at with questions.

This seminar is made possible by the generous support of the Georgia Pacific Foundation.