Bill of Rights Institute Recent Webinar

Enjoy the recordings below of our most recent constitutional webinars!

Be sure to check our website often for other live webinars and recordings.  Only participants of live webinars will receive the lesson plan and answer key.  Click one of the links below for the webinar recording of your choice.

Brush Up on the Bill of Rights Series (Parts 1 and 2)

Our Associate Director of Professional Development, Philips Dickerson, leads you through 2 lessons from The Bill of Rights and You: Rights and Responsibilities to help you teach those introductory lessons to the founding documents.

Teaching the Constitution on Constitution Day and Everyday

Constitution Day comes but once a year, but you can teach the Constitution at any time using this Bill of Rights Institute sample lesson.

Supreme Court DBQs Series 

Help your students prepare to use primary sources to complete document-based questions in our series on the Supreme Court.  The lessons can be found in our Supreme Court DBQ book.  The first installment is Dred Scott v. Sanford, 1857.