Founders and the Constitution: In Their Own Words - Combined Posters Set

The Founders poster set serves as a great visual tool for your students and reinforces the lessons and activities found in Founders and the Constitution: In Their Own Words. ThisĀ  combined poster set consists of 24 posters featuring one of the Founders, the state they represented, and a thought-provoking quote.

Posters are 11"X17" folded flat.

Volume 1 poster set:

Charles Carroll of Carrollton
Benjamin Franklin
Elbridge Gerry
Patrick Henry
Thomas Jefferson
Richard Henry Lee
James Madison
George Mason
Robert Morris
Charles Pinckney
Roger Sherman
John Witherspoon

Volume 2 poster set:

John Adams
Samuel Adams
John Dickinson
Alexander Hamilton
John Hancock
John Jay
Gouverneur Morris
James Otis
Thomas Paine
Benjamin Rush
George Washington
James Wilson


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